Monday, December 29, 2008

last weekend of the year

Start of long weekend.

The long weekend started pretty well. Party on Wednesday with the big group. Lots and loads of fun. Next day we went to R's place for S's daughter Nandini's first month birthday. Reached home and didi and family reached at 4. Stayed at home on Friday, as Jiaji and I were at work, and all the ladies of the house went for shopping. out of 4 hrs they were in the billing line for 2 hrs. What a waste of time. Well, bolke musibat kisko mol leni thi. And next day after lunch we visited the temple and gurdwara. And then they left.

End of long weekend.

After they went, we slept for good two hrs and then watched 2 movies, review of movies in another blog. Sunday, we dint have anything to do. I must have called half a dozen people, but fortunately or unfortunately half of them were able to talk to me. They were busy or not available. After that, we were totally loss of even phone calls. Not able to find, what to do next. Then we called friend of ours and decided to go for shooting, yes, it’s a shooting range.
We were totally loss of words when we saw the Firearms school, and holding real life gun in my own hands. Really, the guns don’t look good in our hands. So we took a crash course in shooting with that instructor, who was pretty helpful. He showed us how to stand, how to hold, how to aim and how to shoot. We rented out the small .22 caliber pistol and bought the 50 bullets for the gun, which we shared, as we were not sure how is it going to be, and how long is it going to take. So we Tigers, started to enter into the range and bang, I was almost on my knees, then we realized, we were supposed to wear ear-covers. We wore that and entered again into the range and bang bang bang...I closed the door again. Then I just peeped inside the door and found out that it was just a buffer area, and we have to open another door to enter the range. We entered the range this time, as there was no firing at that time...yeah was not firing but shooting. We then found ourselves single lane, and started loading the gun...and bam....the bullet stuck. We both spent around 5 minutes figuring out how to take that bullet out and how to load it back, then ultimately we went out with the magazine and asked the instructor to help us.
We then started shooting turn by turn. By the end of all the rounds we became pro. I shot well than my friend. Scored more by hitting the bull's eye.
So that was it. The laze evening, became exciting by the end of it. I am happy to have such experience and more than willing to go next time. I even asked the instructor if I can buy the pistol, for which I need a license and then register myself in the local police station. Not really sure how will it be treated, Asian carrying a gun?

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

those little kicks

M was trying to shrug the idea of small baby kicks in her tummy, and I was trying to convince her that by now she should already be getting them. So after lot of nig nag, she got her kicks and when I felt the same at the same time on her little swelling tummy, I was almost in tears. I was not getting the feeling of M being pregnant for last 5.5 mths. The only difference I noticed, was in her food habits. But now, her tummy has started protruding, and the latest addition, getting kicks. She says she get kicks when the baby is hungry, and soon after she has her food. So now you know my best past time, hand on her tummy, waiting for the kick. :P

snow snow snow

Seasons first snow fall.
Being in New England, this is the most common time of the season. Snow, Snow and snow. My second snow season in America, was exciting for the first time, but second time i am sure, wont be happy about it. These pics are of my car clad in snow in our apartment complex.
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Sunday, December 07, 2008

baby's r us...

Its been a baby fall recently, no I am serious.
Started with this and then this and then one of my friends, whose wife is in India, and then one of my colleagues in office had a baby y'day. All in a span of one month. And then there is one in the end of this month, M's colleague in office. and then M herself in April, am sure we would hear many more till then.
After the recent doc's visit, people have been asking about the baby's gender. Unfortunately, baby was in a very convenient position, and asked us to make a guess. But, people are more curious then us, not sure the reason, may be because, you can know the sex here, and there is so much discrimination among the pink and blue clothes. I guess, its just the curiosity, may it be a person from any origin. But different people look it at different ways.
So the plan is to schedule and get to know the gender, if not then get ready to be killed, by friends. In the mean time, M has starting feeling the kicks, and she is doing better by the day. I hope, things just continue to stay that way.
I was reading the Babycenter, Astro tool, and it told us all about the Aries kids. Not really sure, why the websites actually make it all sweet prediction, and nothing bad about the baby, or we tend to skip the bad part?
Answers anybody...

Friday, December 05, 2008

friday nites

Fridays are generally the best day in the week, offices are almost empty as people begin to welcome the weekend. Traffic start to gather on the roads from the lunch time.
Fridays for us also means something. Somehow, M started a tradition of eating anything, which is non-Indian food. These days as we face the tight economy and M facing loads of work in prelude of a major release, she has started to come an hour late, actually, she has started to come after finishing 8 hrs, yea, in the past, she is out of her office when she is done for the day, irrespective of finishing 8 hours. I was a contractor, so had to finish 8 hrs, so.
Anyway, that's not the point, point is I was deciding upon the Friday menu. Since couple of months, I was asking M to buy Panini Grill, but in the absence of sufficient space, we left all the great deals. Thanks to Thanksgiving day, and we bought the Grill. So today we decided to use the same grill and make Egg Grilled Sandwich, I think that's the only thing possible in Grills...sandwiches...
Can I make something else as well in the Grill? Suggestions any body? And yes, it has to be vegan.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

black friday

As explained in US terms Blackfriday is the day, when every shop owner in US thinks, this is the time to sell the maximum stuff. But, at the same time in India, there were terror attacks going on in Mumbai also known as 7/11. Some 200 people were dead and not sure how many of them were injured. I dont have pretty much to say, after the news and all the gungho about the terror thing. I am just convinced to get India rolling. Not really sure how, but somehow, please let me know if somebody has any suggestion. The one which comes to me as readily is donate as much as possible to make the schools free, and a better place to study. The schools in US are free, and the type of study environment they have is totally different. People here have civic sense, and that is all tought in schools, in India, people make one rule to break another.
Ideas anybody...

gearing up

As majority of us know that it was the Thanksgiving Day in the last week and its the biggest selling event in the year. From the financial point of view, everybody was expecting increased sale as compared to last year, to bring US from recession, but whatever we think, never happen. Anyway, I was in the market for a desktop, and like last year wanted to buy all of my stuff before the actual day and that too online, but the deals this time were not as good as last years. There were several doorbuster events on big stores, but I am too lazy for that, although some of my friends do got a laptop for 350$, when they were standing in the line since 10.30 in the night.
I wanted to buy a desktop, where I can place the pics and write my blogs on my own page. I am in the process of revamping ManuSaurabh.Info. Lets see, when and how it turns out to be.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

preparing for doctor's visit

So, as I said there would be some posts on the Doc's visit, on and off.
The doc's visit is nothing much beyond the usual checkup, and listening of the baby's heart beat. Unless you have some questions, doctor is not going to stay more than 10 minutes.
For the past 3 visits, we have been doing much the same. At the last moment, I try to gather some questions and elongate the visit to 15 minutes. People here are more dependent upon books, provided by the doctor in the initial visit, or may be brought from the local bookshop. Doctors are not going to tell you anything, unless you ask them explicitly. Not sure what the reason is, even, the tests, prenatal, postnatal take care, check the pregnancy book. We have advantage of my doc sis; unfortunately she is psychiatrist, and another advantage being her mil. Somehow, i always feel experience counts. Whatever, happens, we call my sis, or her mil, and voila problem solved.
I experienced the same gap, while I was with my friend a week ago, when he was alone by her wife, supporting her in the delivery. After seeing them, I came home and called my sister, I don't care, wherever, and whenever it happens, you have to be here with M, by her side. We are also planning to call M's mom, so that she is also comfortable. Every daughter is most comfortable with her mom only, whatever anybody says.
So, as this is evident, that this post is neither about doctor’s story nor about their visit. Well, the next visit is scheduled to be held on Nov 21, so stay tuned till then...
till then i am looking for more questions to be asked from a doc... Suggestions anybody...

Monday, November 10, 2008

Fwd: my dilemma..

s wrote
people who fight over God, are just a different being, they just need a reason to fight...
people who want to get some kind of unspoken support - pray :)
u gotto pick ...ur type...

t wrote
and then everyone fights over God! How ironical!! Thanks though:) I dont know what I am going to stand up for. Probably dont have the courage to admit or weak to hold on to prayers & so keep vacillating..

s wrote
You are absolutely right T. There is no such thing called God. It is a man made selfish tool to help ourselves. We feel so much relieved when we think about him. We feel happy, when we pray and the same thing becomes true, and sad at the same time when we want and don't get it. It just that what we are destined to, we will get that. But praying helps us, so that's what we do.

t wrote
Hey guys,
I am troubling you a bit. But I am unable to find an ans. I am becoming skeptical about God. Does he really exist? We all believe in god but nobody really has seen the existence of God.. Isnt it like we are just using the thought of him.. blaming him when things go stale or being thankful for the things when they go right. Is it only so that we won't be able to lose our self-esteem or get our ego boost up?

You don't know what you've got till it's gone... cherish every moment!

time to say good bye

Don't take wrong again, its not me, but many others, who are deemed jobless, forced to leave or were asked to leave.
It was all in news in my office too, where many more like me survived 12.5% layoff. Not sure how many more to go, but I am good as far as I am not loosing one. People are talking in open and covered, about the manager who just left or is leaving in couple of days.
Many people saying keep us, we will take a salary cut, many saying, I am better off, finding another job with more salary. Well there is always requirement of good people. But its just the matter of luck. Sometimes, many deserving candidates sit at home for many months, and some non deserving candidates, manage to stay in layoff.
Something similar happened to one of my close friends, his lead had a attitude problem, was very arrogant and rude and was giving hard time to my fren, real pain in butt....and he was chopped off. Not due to his behavior, but he was just too costly to maintain...moreover it was heard while he was talking to his friends, [company name] can not afford me Hindi its said rassi jal gayi lekin bal nahi gaya.
That said, I would say its the time to work and not play, you never know if somebody is watching you, and you could be the next in line :)

Friday, November 07, 2008

I am a dad...

No No, don't land up on any conclusions so soon....i am still to get that role....
Last night, my close friend had a baby boy.

R started having contractions at around 10.30 pm on Nov 5th. The frequency was less at that time. Then gradually at around 1.30am the frequency increased, the contraction lasts for around less then a minute, and then the next one happens with the interval of almost 10-15 mins.

It is always advised that you should eat/drink only warm or hot stuff. So in the morning R asked R, lets get ready for the h'pital. R took a bath, and it was great relief for her, and then over that she drank warm milk. After having all that, she asked R, what would you like to have for breakfast. Imagine for a lady who was not able to have slept for the full night and in the morning she was asking her husband what would he have for breakfast. R wondered, is it real pain or false pain aka Braxton-Hicks. Well, R had 2 quick contractions before starting their journey of 45mins to hospital. These 45 minutes were contraction free, so the husband R was really convinced this is false labor.
Doctor had called upon them in the morning to ask how R is doing, and when she came to know about her state, she asked them to come over. So, when they reached the hospital, doctor was there waiting for them. After few pre tests, she was given epidural. After which it was pretty confortable for R. She even had a few short naps in between.

I went to see them, in the evening, and her room was full of equipments and several monitors, and some drips were going in hand , and couple of them in spine. It was pretty nerve-racking. Atleast for me. Kudos for the husband R, for standing by her all the times. Well, he dint have any options too. When i was done with all the spying in the room, I threw myself out. I was done with that room.

I went home and held M for 10 minutes, and asked her if she really wants to have a baby. Well, she shrugged me away, pretending to be brave. I dont deny that actually. She is. We went again to give food for both the R's. M had few questions, and then we were again thrown out of the room as it was time for R to push, Akul out. Yes, they finally kept the name of the baby as Akul, as they were deciding upon Parth and Akul, which was juggling upon the date of birth.

At 10.30p R called up, saying baby and the Mom is healthy. It happened at 9.30p. We again rushed to the hospital, comfort of staying near the hospital. We were with the baby for an hour, when the nurse took him for his nap.

The first look, baby was so small, I was even scared of holding him. His one eye was closed. And the best thing, he was quite. R said, she just fed him.

I remember, till y'day the dad R was playing pool with me, now he would have to take care of some diapers.
Till y'day he was a horse rider, today he will be a horse and his son would be a rider :D

Well, I cant be happy for long time, as I am about to expect all the same situation, but I have still 6 months to do. Make hay while sun shines.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Pics with diff angles...

These photographs are in the process of my attempts of good photography. I keep on trying new angles and colors and lights. I must agree and tell you that the last pics of the Diyas in different angles have come up pretty good.

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Friday, October 31, 2008

Appropriate header not found...

I wrote this email, blogged here, approximately 2 years ago, and mailed it to my college group. And people were asking me questions at that time. But certainly, I was denying any truth in the email. But today I can say, Yes, that email is valid now.

I am soon to be a father. EDD is sometime in April 09 am excited. Well not exactly excited, Its a mixed reaction:-
I am happy
I am worried
I am sad
I am having goose bumps
I am crying
I am nauseated

Well, hell lot of things. I am sure it will take some time in getting acquainted with the situation. Sinking in with the feeling.

I should be happy and should take care of my different worries. M is still happy, cheerful, but gets tired pretty soon as compared. More over her shape is still same.

My future blogs will contain more about the Doctor's visit and M's changing situation.

Moving from Yahoo! 360

So finally i took the plunge and decided to move on...and now I am on I was on Yahoo 360 for almost about 2 years, but recently, these guys made the page so heavy that almost all the time times, it doesn't open. so now yes, I am now at
Please visit Yahoo! 360 for my previous posts.

Monday, October 27, 2008

My Wife's Email to her friends

Yesterday I was a new born baby to my parents.

After few days I started going to the school and my parents were bothered that I would bring one or the other boys with me and introduce to them saying ... mom .. meet my boyfriend. Well I crossed that age, without bothering my parents and the boys' too.

I went to college, first step outside home and parents were again bothered...I might introduce them with there son in law...telling them that we are going to have a baby in few months... well I went past through that again and married to the man of my dreams and my parents too :)

Well I now have a new job and parents are again bothered that I might just lost in the worldly politics... Well this is life. You complete one full circle and then see the same in your child.

Today when I look into the eyes of my young kid, I can see the whole world in her eyes and at the same time visualize my days too.

First Life
First Day
First Touch
First School
First Girl
First College
First Boyfriend
First Job
First Husband and will be last too :)
First Baby and will not be last though ;)
First Family
First Home

The Complete Family

I hope by now everybody would start wondering, M and babies, well does not sound that bad though :), as this is surely MY story. You guessed it right friends!

In this group till yesterday we were spreading and sharing news (we still are) of getting married with the love *OF* there life. Now soon everybody(hopefully) should start sharing and spreading the news of the love *IN* there life.

Wishing good luck to all the new mommies and the mommies in the process :) Well Dads...will have to wait till girls bring there boyfriends home and boys will do a night out.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Excerpts of MS NE Roadshow

  • Entity Data Model
    • Abstraction
    • Focuses on Entities and Relationship.
  • Entity Types
  • Association Types
  • Navigation Properties
    • Entities Can contain
  • Simple Types
  • Complex Types
    • Relationships are first class types.
  • Mapping
    • EDM Requires three XML Files
      • The conceptual model CSDL
      • The definition of the store SSDDL
      • Mapping between the two MSL
  • Tool
  • Entity Clients
    • Connection
    • Command
    • DataReader
    • Parameter
    • No Data adapter(Read Only)
      • How to change the data? Use object services.
  • Linq to Entity
    • Object Services
  • Entity Provider
    • Readonly, Text based
      • Object Service
      • Return objects
      • Object Identity
      • Change Tracking
      • Concurrency for updates
  • Why Entity Framework
    • Completely optional
    • Flexible
    • Linq Support
  • Entity Framework Query Sample

ASP.Net Dynamic Data -> ORYX (Codename)



ZoomIt (

ZoomIt is screen zoom and annotation tool for technical presentations that include application demonstrations. ZoomIt runs unobtrusively in the tray and activates with customizable hotkeys to zoom in on an area of the screen, move around while zoomed, and draw on the zoomed image.

Fiddler (

Fiddler is an HTTP debugging proxy that logs all HTTP traffic between your computer and the Internet. Fiddler enables you to inspect all HTTP traffic, set breakpoints, and "fiddle" with incoming or outgoing data.

Mix Online

Here we share a mix of video interviews with people shaping the industry and posts that connect the dots on topics important to you.

UI, UX, RIA -> Rich Internet Applications

XBAP – Xaml, Browser Application -

REST ~ SOAP – Protocol

Representational State Transfer

  • Every resource on a web is unique
  • Message among intermediaries should be self descriptive
  • Resources are manipulated through representation
  • Hypermedia is the engine of application state

Amazon - Simple Storage Service -

Channel 9 -

IIS 7 URL Rewrite Module -

Unit testing

Flex your Right BICEP

  • Right Results
  • Boundary Conditions
  • Inverse Relationships
  • Cross Check Results
  • Error Condition
  • Performance

Arrange Act Assert

Good tests are

  • Repeatable
  • Independent of each other
  • Not Reliant on order
  • Run with each other
  • Often longer then tested code
  • Transient
  • Refactor test code mercilessly

Test Driven Development

  • A development (not testing) Methodology
  • Write test code before implementation
  • The test is the requirement
    • No test no coding
  • Tests are run with every change

Use NCover for code coverage.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Assembly GAC

Assembly GAC

I am not sure if anybody has seen a assembly GAC like this. I found it, when I finished debugging on one of the applications.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

This life sucks…

Years pass by, months watch them and days count them. We spend the life here without parents, without family, and think we are well off. What are we, Americans? Or some other breed?

I came to US to earn money and have some more for the house, a bit more for the kids, a little more for their education, and more for old age. Will that limit of more ever have a period? Or we are going to live this life like this.

I always wanted to have fame at work, being Lion by nature. I think a lot like him. But in the end I miss one thing – courage. There comes Indianness. The Indian education system is built to produce babus. Always to accept things as they are given, and never to ask for them. Someone, who dares to ask, is shown door.

Well, I am totally off right now. And want something more out of life apart from 9-5 job. Ya ya, I know I used to say this when I was in india. Now the same stuff in US. Yes, unless you do something new, you wont get it. Same rule applies.

So go ahead and start asking for all that you want in life. Life doesn’t give you a second chance.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


So its been a while, and all this while it was so much activity.

#1 I joined a new company.

#2 I left the old company. Obviously.

#3 I bought Wii.

#4 My website is back up and running.

#5 Trying few more interesting stuff on my home based web server.

So the agenda of this blog you know from above.

I joined a new company. This time for real. A permanent least for now. I was sick and tired of changing the projects every now and then and sitting at home in between. Sometime for days and other times for weeks.

I left the old company. Because I started with the new one. No way. I actually was tired of consulting. And more over with the type of work, what clients ask you to do. In my last project I was working on ASP, JavaScript, and XSL for the controls. I mean for the validation those guys were using some controls from Peter Blum VAM controls, and only for the sake of using some Third Party Controls they upgraded their solution to 1.1/2.0. I mean what kind of an application is that. I agree that in a product company, you don’t work on the core product if client is not willing to pay. But this is your bread and butter.

People are moving to 3.5 and they are now thinking of moving to 1.1. How good is that? I don’t have any answers to any of my questions. Well, that’s their personal matter. I am not the one to decide upon that. But all I am asking was truth while hiring contractors. There were 5 contractors initially, of which the first one was sitting for 3 weeks all alone. He was the first to leave the client. Next who left, had the job before he came. Third one left because he was interviewed for the architect level and was asked to do some web services coding. He was still doing a better job. Fourth one was terminated for watching YouTube in office. Imagine you have done your work and still can’t surf websites. Utter dilemma. I was the fifth one. Left them in most water. My verdict, when clients can leave the candidates by giving a day’s notice, why can’t candidate leave them?

I bought Wii. I actually wasted 1 month. It is for my nephew. But my sister asked me to buy only last weekend. Almost after a month, when my nephew left for India. It’s more fun on the name of exercise. I saw guys playing tennis and baseball, sitting on couch and not even bothered to stand up. It has motion detected remotes, which intercepts the sensors, and move the players in the game. The best is boxing. If you have to punch the opponent’s outer stomach, how would you do it? Yes, it takes real life boxes in effect. You move your hand out and then inside, you can actually see the same in the game. That’s real awesome.

My website is again up and running. Last night I spent a lot of time setting up my web server, with the new website. I created the website while working on the last project. So for now, it’s just for the starters. I want to add few more stuff on that, like albums and blogs. Not sure if in future this blog might move to a new place.

Trying new stuff with my home based web server. That’s the advantage of the machine if its in your home. You can try n-number of stuff onto that. This time I am trying to evaluate between SharePoint and community server. I might end up installing both of them, and then leave up to the users to decide which one should I go for? I want to make this machine to be used for the family.

So that’s all for now. Lot of stuff still to come in. Stay tuned. Well right now I am looking forward to the Cleveland and Columbus Trip.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

babies in mind?

This is 2.40 am and I am wide awake, reason, saw a dream, and since I wanted to write it down and did not want to forget, so here I am.

Background, as everybody knows, we were on vacation to Miami, Florida. So it was all cruising in my mind, and my sister just came from India after meeting my very old Granny, whom I fondly call “badi mi” just a short for big mommy. And my MIL (she is pretty young). And the last weekend we were at friends place,all young couples talking babies, planning either first baby or second.

Dream-- so there we were on a cruise, my wife asked me to sit inside and said that she was outside with friends and when the cruise starts she would board the ship. Fair enough. She was out with friends. And one of the other friends being K. Suddenly the ship started moving and without anybody on the ship, me alone... I was dead scared as to what’s happening, and then after traveling for almost 15 minutes I requested the captain of the ship to drop me off at some other point. I ran through every bikini clad woman and yes without even looking at them or the sari clad woman at the same time, making it a rare combination of any shore of Ganges in Allahabad and a Semi Modern club of Peach shaped woman.

Well I reached to my wife and asked what the hell happened and she said K is not feeling well but it’s a good news...somebody is pregnant, and I asked are you, pat came the reply- not me its K. K in her tone replied- not me , its Manu who is pregnant with twins.Then after shying she acknowledged that she is pregnant and now she would be tasting the salsa of Motherhood which she is happy to.

So guys, what you think I am doing at 3.10 in the night/morning. Didn’t want to let go this beautiful thought. Comments anybody?

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


The other day I was reading some post on Rediff, and there was this website from a an Indian Born in America. She is a photographer and the website has some really cool pics.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Comics of 80's

Comics of 80's

I was very happy when my sister wanted some Hindi comics for her 7-year and 4-year daughter; an experience for the US citizens.

Comics, those books which were part of every kid’s life who was born between 1972 and 1982 (just an assumption). Life seemed to be impossible. There were clubs made by kids like me all over the city, restricted for a particular area. And the members were to pay Re. 1, for the membership and moreover they were not allowed to take home the comics, fear of him not returning the borrowed book. The money earned was later utilized in buying new comics.

The so called library was setup in every summer breaks for 2 months. If by chance you are traveling and in train, then you could also do an exchange on every chain store of AH Wheeler. Sometime if the comic is in a very bad shape then the vendor would charge you for the new comic, which was very painful and time consuming too.

The collection of comics varied from the simle/comedy/soothing to the more action packed drama/thriller.

Ranging from Billoo, Pinki, Chacha Chaudhary (jinka dimag computer se bhi tez chalta hai, whose brain runs faster then the computer) and Saboo (more like today’s Hulk), to Angara, Shaktiman, Nagraj and what not.

So when Manu got comics for my nephew and niece, they could not read more then 50% of the comics, simply because of the reason that those comics are still very simple unlike today’s’ kids. After the end of every chapter, he would ask why the chapter ended abruptly? Are we supposed to laugh at this? What should we laugh on? In search of better story they read few more but after couple of them, there patience answered, and I ended up reading all of them, still laughing and smiling, may be because I knew, where to laugh and where to smile, and also, how they are supposed to end.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Google on IE8

Google on IE8

Dunno what is wrong here.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Does cruise control use up more fuel?

With the fuel prices going north, Manu started conserving more fuel and energy, by adhering to some standards what car owners should follow. Like, using less of AC, putting fewer brakes and driving in speed limit when inside the city to avoid brakes and successive acceleration.

Few days back when going to Jersey for the weekend, I was driving in my new Camry with cruise control on and suddenly she said drive manually, and don't use CC. I was surprised why she is saying that. As far as I knew, car's with constant speed gives you more mileage. But, she was adamant on her finding, when she heard the same on radio. I was pissed of with her constant nagging, asked her to sleep so that I can put on the CC mode.

Well, after reaching home, the first thing I searched was "Does cruise control use up more fuel?" and I found the following from Yahoo! Answers.

It saves you fuel no matter where you drive, for the simple reason that no person on the planet can maintain an exact speed as accurately as a cruise control. If you want proof, set it on 65 and drive down the flattest stretch of road you can find. You will be able to spot the people without cruise control because they will constantly be varying their speed, catching up to you, passing you, and falling behind you no matter how hard they try. If you disengage your cruise control, you will not be able to maintain a constant speed to within a half a mile an hour. A cruise control monitors your speed thousands and thousands of times a minute, and makes almost imperceptible changes to the throttle, giving the engine only the fuel it needs to maintain a speed. It does not get tired; it does not get fatigued, distracted, or fooled by hills or headwinds. In contrast, every time you slow down even a couple of miles an hour, it takes more fuel to return to your desired speed than it takes for the cruise control to precisely maintain it.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Hit by US Recession

It was once again time when I was sitting at home, without work, for straight 3 weeks, 3 weeks ago. Thanks to US economy.

I went to the office hale and hearty and in 2 hours time I received a phone call from my recruiter saying today is my last day. Why, they hired a manager who has a different style of working, and is not an architect. I missed my ex manager. May be in bad sense or good, not sure, but sure I did miss him.

There I was, packed my stuff in 1 hr and off to home, with so many questions in mind, what happened. Was it cost cutting, was it my lack of experience, was it bad work, was it less work, was it the way I talk to my co-workers. So many questions, and I had answer to none.

Anyway, I can’t undo the thing which is not in my control. I reached home and had a blast (really) no. Overnight, I updated my profile on all the job sites, in fact activated it, which I posted few weeks ago, anticipating the move. But, had to wait for the weekend so that I can start talking to recruiters. It was that time of the year when I hated the weekends and welcomed the weekdays. Mondays were still unwanted, coz to others it still gives monday blues.

First week went in calls and then something was scheduled for the next week. I was happy, took out the study material, dusted it and starting reading them. Second week, interviews happened, some for fulltime and rest for contracting. People ask how did it go, and my templated reply, interview always goes well, its always the result which is bad.

Finally after my hard work and burning the midnight oil (yeah, yeah), I found 2 contracts in a single day, which one to pick and which one to drop. It was a easy choice. Picked up which was close to train station.

Bottom-line is, if you are a small time contractor then be prepared for going home any time of the day.

Alls well that ends well!!!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Entry for February 20, 2008 - day #5

Entry for February 20, 2008 - day #5

It was the last day of our visit to Vegas, everybody said what will you do for 5 days in Vegas, and we were still feeling we needed few more days. And yes I am not talking about the vacation part, but the Vegas part. But, we had to leave before 11.00 am so we checked out, took the bus, reached airport and took the flight. In the beginning of the fight the flight captain said its -1 F in Boston, everybody screamed don’t start the plan, and we want to stay here. Yes even I screamed. But we reached Boston, and it was 9.15PM. The vacation was over, and we have to go to office tomorrow. Neither of us was in mood. But, good things have to come to an end. So did our vacation. We will again go back to Vegas some time.

Entry for February 19, 2008 Day #4

Entry for February 19, 2008 Day #4

As it is said that, in Vegas you need nights and not the days, we truly adhered to the rules and slept at 3.30 am, as a result we got up at 7am and Manu woke up at 10am and as soon she woke up she said I am having a bad headache, I was wondering, Manu don’t drink and still headache. Today we went to the top of the world, yes its true and not virtual, we were at 108th Floor of the building. And everything was so small, at first I was scared, but later it was ok. There were some rides known as Insanity on 109th floor, and they were real insane. You should really see the pictures to believe them. We had Mexican food for the lunch and we were back on the slot machines. After losing few more moolah, we marched to our rooms for a little rest and to again hit the roads you need some energy.

In the evening we went to Paris, yes another hotel, with their Eifel tower. Yes, we went on this tower @ 88th floor. Well now the big thing was the lift for this tower was open for most of the height, open as in it was glass lift, so you could actually see what is under your feet and also the whole strip is clearly visible. Eifel tower is right opposite to Bellagio. So we waited for next few minutes with others and the fountain at Bellagio started. It was the most romantic evening already, and to top up with the cherry, the fountain played Celine Dion’s Titanic’s title song. Manu was all mesmerized listening the song in my arms. Well, it was a small song, and Ruby Didi was already there in Vegas for her conference, we planned to see her. Man, people have their conference in Vegas, wonder Doctors study or gamble. So then went to Mandalay Bay to pick her up and then walked down back to Paris. We clicked few pics with her in Bellagio and fountain and Eifel tower. Then by the time we left her again, it was 12.30 and I was dead tired. Manu still wanted to see Wynn, but I was in no mood. So we reached hotel straight away, and I hit the sack, while Manu was up for some time, getting ready for tomorrow.

Entry for February 18, 2008 - Day #3

Entry for February 18, 2008 - Day #3

Third day started with the feeling what will happen without a car. Yes, we were supposed to return the car after enjoying 2 days and 200$ in the rental and gas. Well, Grand Canyon could not be that fast without a SUV and it took us anyway more than 1 day to return, so it had to be for one more day. Anyway we started our ride back home with the famous picture at the starting of the strip at Las Vegas blvd. We covered couple of hotels the ones that were far from Stratosphere in 3-4 hours, and left the rest of them for the night. We reached hotel and while the way back to the room we cruised through casino and thought of trying more hands on the slot machines. And voila, this time we won 20$ of 1cent. This was the first trap for us. We set the deadline for 5 bucks more. After 5 bucks, we saw in the eyes of each other and without saying a word I pressed the spin button on the machine. And yes we lost those 20$ as well, after couple of wins and more of losses. We reached out to our room and had a good evening sleep for 4 hours and got up at 8 o‘clock, and we were damn hungry. We got ready and straight away headed to the Indian restaurant at Rio. Food was damn good and at the same time damn costly. Then we started the journey to the hotels where we left in the afternoon and entered every hotel, we could on the strip, on both sides. We would have walked for at least 3 miles. Our feet were tired but we were wide awake. After we reached the hotel, we sat down at the slot machines and then started playing again, and guess what we again won 23 bucks when playing for 1 cent. We were happy and this time more greedy, started thinking, it would be good if we get the cost of the trip back. But happy times last less…we lost those 23 dollars with the initial 2 dollar investment we did. Although, in the article I read about the slot machine, there was this 10 point important tip. One of them was, divide your money into the days, and then keep the winnings aside. And only play with the initial amount. And I dint follow the same. The only thing I liked about the casinos is you get free drink as long as you are gaming. I guess this is just a little trick hotel guys play to keep the important money coming in.

Entry for February 17, 2008 - Day#2

Entry for February 17, 2008 - Day#2

We both woke up before the phone alarm could ring @ 5. And we were ready by 6.15, could somebody imagine, vacation time and waking up @ 5 in the morning (actually it was 7AM EST). We started for the Canyons. The most beautiful part of the day to be spent at the Canyons is either sunset or sunrise. And we saw both. It was all shades of light orange, dark orange and red after the dull sunrise. We drove another 20 miles towards the east Rim of Canyons. East rim had a better and broadest view. We returned soon after that, to the lodge and started packing up stuff, it was again 4 hr drive back to Vegas. The gps device showed around 6 hours from the lodge to the hotel in Las Vegas. But those awesome roads were simple irresistible. I was driving @ 90 if the max limit is 75 and @ 80 if the max speed was 65. Sometimes, touching 95 too just for the sake of scaring Manu. So the drive for 6 hours was completed in 4.5 hours. The roads were simple amazing. And these people drive here like hell. Was wondering what if they come to New York or any New Yorker comes here? We reached Vegas and reached the hotel lobby - Stratosphere. Finally we got our room and had a hot water bath gearing up for the night. We were still having the car so we did 2 rounds of the whole 6 mile strip. Which I don’t know was possible if we had to walk. Somebody told us there is an option of a bus running regularly on the strip and is a better mode of transportation. We will try that tomorrow. And we were again hungry and tired. So instead of roaming here and there we decided to watch a show and so bought tickets for crazy girls (For those who don’t know what that is I would suggest googling it.).

We returned to hotel after making a trip to the Fremont St, where there is a large, street long TV screen, spectacular and amazing. We also tried our hands on one of the slot machines. And so far the counting of the bets we lost has reached USD 5. After researching a bit over the slot machines, I found out that there is a combination of numbers which decide what combination will be next. There are 32 symbols in a particular roll and 3 rolls for a line across for the most basic machine. So, there is a 1 out of 32x32x32 = 32,768 chances of winning. Generally there are machine which pay you 95 to 98% of the total input, but winning is still decided from the Random Number Generator (RNG).

Entry for February 16, 2008 - Day #1

Entry for February 16, 2008 - Day #1

Vegas Baby

We reached Vegas by 10.30(PST) and it was 13.30(EST). It was a 6 hrs nonstop flight and felt like 9 hrs. We both were dead tired, but according to the schedule we had to rush to see the sunset and sunrise at The Grand Canyons which was another 250 miles (approx.) by road. We reached the rental car complex and then after some confusion we get into the SUV and started for The Grand Canyons. The best part I liked about Vegas is that gambling starts from the airport itself. In fact every person there started speculating their luck even before entering the city. One of the gentleman said he got his luggage first, so is that a luck charm this time ;-). As we hit the roads, they were all deserted, don’t know where all the people go in the day. It was almost looking like am back to my state, Rajasthan. The road to Canyons was only 2 lanes, in fact after some time I started feeling sleepy, as there were almost 0 cars on the roads, and am in the habit of racing with the cars on our famous I-95 (one of the busiest highway which connects all the states from Maine to Florida.) Well we reached the National Park at the Grand Canyon well before the sunset. And we had a chance to catch the glimpse of the famous sunset. More over I forgot to tell that there was snow on the road to Canyons which made us feel at home i.e. Boston. After the sunset, there was pretty much nothing to be done there in the resort, especially when we were dead tired. We had dinner and as soon as we touched (yes literally touched) the bed I was sleeping and snoring. It was the flight time and then the driving part with a 3 hr 1/ 2 hr extended day. Also, we had to get up in the morning before sunrise (@ 7.15).

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Skiing - the first experience

Skiing - the first experience

After so many postponements due to weather or wife at last went to ski this Saturday.

We went to a ski area close to our place called The Blue Hills Ski Area. It was said to be good for the beginners and also was cheap. We thought what can be best time to learn ski, with great weather and cheap rates.

It was around noon when we reached there with only ski pants in hands. Went in front of the rental desk and standing, staring at her, as if she has to start. Well actually she did. She asked - "First time?". I said yes and then she explained all to us. Total was $228 including tax for 3 people for Entry, boots, skis and lessons. We were given boots made of iron. Was wondering what if these were used for wars. If you hit the enemy with this, he would never be able to stand again. Anyway, wearing boots was the toughest part and taking off was even tougher. I almost pressured so much as if I am about to deliver a baby.

At last wore the boots and headed for the locker, and bang, I hit the opened locker door's corner. Boy, couldn’t be worse than this. As we all say "soney pe suhaga". Well it took another 30 minutes to see the Doc and he doing some paperwork (Yes, US also has that paperwork culture) That paperwork, for which he did nothing :(.

Ski area, the first snow fall experience. The lesson started and we were all excited and Manu was a lot scared. Learnt few steps for climbing uphill, wearing and taking off skis and stopping in downhill. Fun part started, we started with the skiing and down on bums, Rohit fell down on his bums in the attempt to save himself to fall on his face.

We were trying with the small kids, who were actually doing far better than us. It was called the Magic Carpet, specially for beginners. With the least of slope, still we were unable to walk. Well, it was all fun. The trainer was for an hour, and then we practiced on our own. Took a break of 30 minutes and then another session and this time on the steeper mountain. Well going up was easy, coz its the lift, but even a little sight was scary. We slid half way and rolled rest half :-).

It was getting dark and colder by 5PM and every body part was hurting, so we decided to leave and have some rest.

When to become a dad?

I am in an unsure position right now. I am happily married to my wonderful wife for 2 years now.

My wife has reached a point of now wanting children. She is 28 and about to turn 29 (I am of the same age as hers) and also feels it is important for her to have a child soon, partly due to her wish to do so and partly due to body clock.

However, for about 6 months now I’ve been saying I am not ready and putting it off. I have stated truthfully so that I do feel I am getting closer. But I have now reached a point where I am unsure but also wonder if I will ever be sure.

I would like a child, but I’m not really much of a kid person or at least I don’t think so (My wife thinks I get on really well with kids!!).

I think my biggest worries are partly financial (On my wage alone I couldn’t support us, as a joint wage we could).

But I also have a nagging feeling in my mind that when I have kids my life may be over. Don’t get me wrong I know I’ll love my child but I feel any ambitions and hobbies I currently enjoy may go out the window. I work a regular 9 to 5 job, am in a band for which I like to indulge some of my spare time and would like to try and make it more with that. I also enjoy exercising regularly. But by the same token I also enjoy spending a lot of time with my wife.

The question I guess I am asking is when someone knows they are ready to be a dad. Given what i've said above, do lots of people feel like this. And can anyone help with any advice.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

1st Grade in India or 2nd Grade In America

1st Grade in India or 2nd Grade In America

So this debate with one of my cousins started with an email forward.

The contents of the email contained Police Cars from various countries specifying the so called "qualities" of the car. And the end of the email had old time India's Mahindra Jeep whose Max Speed is not disclosed due to Security Reasons (

Well this seems to be a funny email to many people, but now since am here in US and staying in US has provoked my inner consciousness. It’s not any more. The image in the email shown was may be just after the independence or may be closer then that.

So I replied that email by another attachment of Delhi Police’s Vigilance Vehicle, with the message asking him to respect his country. It has given all of us a lot....

But that was wrong choice. He again replied with all sorts of myth.

Don’t try to teach me. If you really respect your country & if you feel that your country has given you a lot then there is no leave the country & work in the US. Your country needs you more than the US. Leaving the country for better prospects only means that better financial opportunities take priority over patriotism & progress of your own country. You can work in India& contribute to the growth of India. It is better to be a 1st class citizen in your own country than be a 2nd or 3rd class citizen in another country. We are proud to live & work here in India& contribute to the progress & prosperity of India& not that of the US.

I expect all my cousins & brother in law’s to support my stand. Let this end here. I do not expect a reply to this.

His reply sounded to me as if he is trying to hide something and in that effort he ended up showing up more. Don’t know what was his idea behind it?

Then in reply to his email one my other cousins replied saying “I have so many of this discussions now and it always seem that people in India strongly believe that just by staying in India, you help make India strong. Not understanding the fact that money flowing from outside of India also helps in the strength and development of India. The goodwill generated by Indian outside India is one of the big reasons that business flows to India. But most of the Indian living in India conveniently forgets this aspect of an Indian's life outside India. So, don't worry. Let's do our jobs and make sure that we help India in ways possible for us and let him do his job in making India strong.”

Katori Chat

Katori Chat

So after asking few friends and keeping in the tradition of english food every friday, Manu decided to make 'Soup in Bread Bowl'. Dunno wats the original for it. but as usual M devoted her full friday evening in preparing for the same.

It turned out to be a good soup, minus bad bread.

Yes, the picture above shows the same (with my Canon Rebel XT DSLR Camera).

Monday, January 14, 2008

My New Camera

My New Camera

Yes...finally....My All new Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT, the latest DSLR camera on the block.
Check this new camera pics on this location...Live Space.

I loved it this'll love it too...

Friday, January 11, 2008

Business Plan - Personal Shopper

This is Personal Maid

This is not that high profile as Personal Shopper.

There services can be utilized by normal people like me and you.

I mean it’s not for celebrity and for the normal middle / working class people where both the members of the nuclear house earn.

There areas of work can be anything, but limited to house hold stuff, for example:

  • You have paid electricity at your house and when running out of the house you forgot to reduce the heat, you can call this guy and ask him to reduce it, and again increase it when you would be back in home. I know you have automatic scheduler, which works the same way.
  • You are too busy to do you laundry, you can ask him to use your washing powder and do the same.
  • Can ask him to iron clothes.
  • Can ask him to clean your house.
  • Can ask him to start your car and clean off the ice in the morning.
  • Can ask him to drop your kids to school and bring them back.
  • Can ask him to chop veggies for you.
  • And to list many more.

It is not a service for all but for those who want to have a comfortable and luxurious life in less money. Now luxury can be yours for just $100 a week.

The personal maid would be staying in the same complex.

Can be any body’s wife? Should be young, energetic, preferably single and if married then with no kids.