Friday, July 10, 2015

she wanted to say

It was 4 am. I nudged Ankur. Hey, wake up, I don’t feel like sleeping.

Ankur, a sound sleeper, was sleeping from last 6 hours and if time permits, he could sleep for 6 more. He was tired after full day of work at his new office.
I spent the whole night tossing and twirling, but I just couldn't stop smiling and thinking about what happened today in the break room at work with me. She was taking a break after exhaustive three hour meeting with the senior managers to come up with a new architecture of the new store they were planning to open up in the downtown.
I know Naira from grad school. Always the topper and a go-getter. Never settles for less. For almost 3 years, we are best buddies. But I just couldn't take it to the next level, I was afraid, that I might put a ding to our relationship. So, it was usual to spend some time in the break room or after office.

Today was nothing unusual. She stepped out of the conference room, walked towards my office, knocked the door thrice of my office, without even looking at the door, I stood up and started walking towards the break room. The three knocks were like a code language.

We picked up the company logo marked cup from the shelf and poured the coffee from the big mug from the brewing machine. The aroma of the coffee suggested that it was not brewed long ago. We adjusted the chair of the farthest table from entrance and sat.

Her face was all serious, as if she was about to tell me something really important. She held my hand, looked directly into my eyes, my eyes met hers and I stopped speaking about the new presentation I was working on. She opened her mouth to say something and I sensed what she wanted to say, suddenly Raghu shouted from the door and called her saying they all liked her idea and wants to go ahead with that.