Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Friends Reunion

Friends Reunion

I was in Pune for the last weekend, to celebrate the Valentine's Day with my beautiful wife. So I thought of meeting few school friends there, with whom I have not met for last 5 years. So I called up those people day before yesterday and set the program to meet in the afternoon for the lunch. As usual Mr. Tits (Titash Neogi) was late, came along with his sweet, cute wife. And then it all started with leg pulling, information hiding with wives, sharing etc, and then it was Maloo's turn to say hi. It was Mr Shalabh Maloo, who was there with us. He added some salt and pepper in the discussions. We also discussed about old teachers with there same old nick names, and also about old classmates. Well all in all it was a good experience. Meeting those oldies and then discussing those things.

Alone I can only say but together we can shout, alone I can only smile but together we can laugh, alone i can only live but together we can celebrate. That’s being Friends.

Hope the love we shared, stays there.

Monday, February 13, 2006

My Valentine's Day

My Valentine's Day

A letter from my wife to her friends, telling them about my first ever valentines day in her own sweet words.

Hi Frends….

How r u all!

Actually I had to tell u all something very sweet tht my darling hubby did for me….he is such a sweetheart….

As u guys know I was in pune for the weekend, my darling hubby gave me a valentine surprise….he planned it out wth my bro….!

U kno earlier I was nt goin to pune ..only he was goin and then he tells me why don’t u also come along .without gvng it a secong thot I said Yes( had to).

U kno why he asked me to come to Pune so tht he cud gv me tht surprise..sahi chaloo hai na….thnks to St. Valentines else I wud have sadofied in Bangalore tht too alone for 2 nites……

Anyways , I had no clue wht was up…we were goin out fr dinner to a place..cool place guys..live rock and females were hardly wearing anything ..my bro,his frends and of course my hubby had a gud time..:)
my bro stopped on the way to pick up a cake saying it was his frends bday and they r goin to celebrate it at nite…had no intension whatsoever to look at the cake and I dint…..to the mercy of the guys involved in the conspiracy.

We had a blasting dinner…on our way back …it was 12: 30…my bro got down to pick a few roses saying his senior had asked for it..he has to tk it for him..i said why the hell does he want it at this hour,…he ignored me and gt the roses…

We reached CME , and u kno tht place is like a big jungle with buildings here and there…there are two lakes also and a bird sactuary…to sum it up a nice green place.

My hubby was very excited driving my bro’s bike..Avenger-the land cruiser bike…he told me lets go for a drive..i sd its too cold..he sd chalo na..bore mat karo…we were on the bike and Ankit and his frend in the car…they took us to the lake. Fir Ankit bola didi u hv seen the other lake ,go show jiaji the other lake as well…I sd fair enuff… !

I tuk Saurabh arnd CME..the places I knew…then told him to go bck as it was pretty dark and I was scared and also feeling cold.

We came bck to the lake…Saurabh just walked in the garden beside the lake..Ankit was still there waiting for us..us time meri ghanti baji and I told Saurabh u r behaving as if something is planned but he obviously ignored me.

Then Ankit bola u guys sit , we r goin bck to our room.Saurabh sd ok and sd we will sit on the lake shore for some time…..

Those guys went away and only two of us were left.

It was a full moon nite…(chandani raat)…I was scared as I cud hear some noises cmng from the lake and was wondering why is Saurabh not scared..(he usually is...!)

There were stone made seats…we walked further and I cud see something on the seat!

Here is the SURPRISE!

The cake,flowers (Ankit forgot to put the candles) and of course my gift….!

It was so sweet..so romantic..my eyes were filled with tears…I dint hv words…

I opened my gift …it was Swaroski pendant,earrings and a bracelet….too much to digest!

It was beautiful….we sat there for some time….ek dum filmi tha…but after some time those noises strtd to scare Saurabh also..i told u na he was also scared.We cud see something mvng in the lake and were too scared to wait there…so tuk everything and came bck to the room…cut the cake there..without the knife…finger se hi cut kar liya and finger ko hi spoon bana liya….;)

( u kno I had been askng him since mny days for my valentine gift …and he md me count all the gifts tht he has given me till now…whether bday,anniversary or valentine…sahi chaloo hai)

I love u S!

U kno guys I hvnt bot anything for him…..!

Love u all…


Friday, February 10, 2006

Just Another Day

I got up @ 6.15 in the morning today to reach early to office, only to find that, my lovely beautiful wife was already ready to go to office with all breakfast made and ready to move out. I was just wondering, how does she manages to wake up before me and then too, without disturbing me at all. I was talking to this friend of mine this morning, and i was just amazed to know that she leaves for office at 7.30 am, for that she wakes up at 5.30 am and then reaches from office to home at around 8.30 pm just to get a full night sleep. Well, kudos to Women of India. She does everything to keep her husband, her new family happy. Cant men be less demanding. Regards to all ladies in World.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Wedding Party

It was some time ago, before i went for my wedding that i got a fone from one of my school junior, saurabh, saying come back and it's a surprise, i thought gone man, these guys will leave me with a deep whole in my pocket.

Few days back i was told to keep myself free on 4th Feb 2006, i was wondering days are very near, so start saveing :).

Then on the same day, i was told to reach Chandni Chowk, a good hang out restaurent in Koramangla, Bangalore, by 7.30 en the evening.

I reached an hour late, as expected, coz my beautiful wife was busy getting ready. There these ppl have arranged a dinner for the newly wedded couple. Well these ppl are my school juniors cum brothers...

So there we had a good fun with north Indian dinner. Ice cream was planned later. Also decided that all gonna come to our place in some time, may in the next fortnight.

But all in all it was a good experience. It was a real heart warming treat.