Monday, December 29, 2008

last weekend of the year

Start of long weekend.

The long weekend started pretty well. Party on Wednesday with the big group. Lots and loads of fun. Next day we went to R's place for S's daughter Nandini's first month birthday. Reached home and didi and family reached at 4. Stayed at home on Friday, as Jiaji and I were at work, and all the ladies of the house went for shopping. out of 4 hrs they were in the billing line for 2 hrs. What a waste of time. Well, bolke musibat kisko mol leni thi. And next day after lunch we visited the temple and gurdwara. And then they left.

End of long weekend.

After they went, we slept for good two hrs and then watched 2 movies, review of movies in another blog. Sunday, we dint have anything to do. I must have called half a dozen people, but fortunately or unfortunately half of them were able to talk to me. They were busy or not available. After that, we were totally loss of even phone calls. Not able to find, what to do next. Then we called friend of ours and decided to go for shooting, yes, it’s a shooting range.
We were totally loss of words when we saw the Firearms school, and holding real life gun in my own hands. Really, the guns don’t look good in our hands. So we took a crash course in shooting with that instructor, who was pretty helpful. He showed us how to stand, how to hold, how to aim and how to shoot. We rented out the small .22 caliber pistol and bought the 50 bullets for the gun, which we shared, as we were not sure how is it going to be, and how long is it going to take. So we Tigers, started to enter into the range and bang, I was almost on my knees, then we realized, we were supposed to wear ear-covers. We wore that and entered again into the range and bang bang bang...I closed the door again. Then I just peeped inside the door and found out that it was just a buffer area, and we have to open another door to enter the range. We entered the range this time, as there was no firing at that time...yeah was not firing but shooting. We then found ourselves single lane, and started loading the gun...and bam....the bullet stuck. We both spent around 5 minutes figuring out how to take that bullet out and how to load it back, then ultimately we went out with the magazine and asked the instructor to help us.
We then started shooting turn by turn. By the end of all the rounds we became pro. I shot well than my friend. Scored more by hitting the bull's eye.
So that was it. The laze evening, became exciting by the end of it. I am happy to have such experience and more than willing to go next time. I even asked the instructor if I can buy the pistol, for which I need a license and then register myself in the local police station. Not really sure how will it be treated, Asian carrying a gun?

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

those little kicks

M was trying to shrug the idea of small baby kicks in her tummy, and I was trying to convince her that by now she should already be getting them. So after lot of nig nag, she got her kicks and when I felt the same at the same time on her little swelling tummy, I was almost in tears. I was not getting the feeling of M being pregnant for last 5.5 mths. The only difference I noticed, was in her food habits. But now, her tummy has started protruding, and the latest addition, getting kicks. She says she get kicks when the baby is hungry, and soon after she has her food. So now you know my best past time, hand on her tummy, waiting for the kick. :P

snow snow snow

Seasons first snow fall.
Being in New England, this is the most common time of the season. Snow, Snow and snow. My second snow season in America, was exciting for the first time, but second time i am sure, wont be happy about it. These pics are of my car clad in snow in our apartment complex.
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Sunday, December 07, 2008

baby's r us...

Its been a baby fall recently, no I am serious.
Started with this and then this and then one of my friends, whose wife is in India, and then one of my colleagues in office had a baby y'day. All in a span of one month. And then there is one in the end of this month, M's colleague in office. and then M herself in April, am sure we would hear many more till then.
After the recent doc's visit, people have been asking about the baby's gender. Unfortunately, baby was in a very convenient position, and asked us to make a guess. But, people are more curious then us, not sure the reason, may be because, you can know the sex here, and there is so much discrimination among the pink and blue clothes. I guess, its just the curiosity, may it be a person from any origin. But different people look it at different ways.
So the plan is to schedule and get to know the gender, if not then get ready to be killed, by friends. In the mean time, M has starting feeling the kicks, and she is doing better by the day. I hope, things just continue to stay that way.
I was reading the Babycenter, Astro tool, and it told us all about the Aries kids. Not really sure, why the websites actually make it all sweet prediction, and nothing bad about the baby, or we tend to skip the bad part?
Answers anybody...

Friday, December 05, 2008

friday nites

Fridays are generally the best day in the week, offices are almost empty as people begin to welcome the weekend. Traffic start to gather on the roads from the lunch time.
Fridays for us also means something. Somehow, M started a tradition of eating anything, which is non-Indian food. These days as we face the tight economy and M facing loads of work in prelude of a major release, she has started to come an hour late, actually, she has started to come after finishing 8 hrs, yea, in the past, she is out of her office when she is done for the day, irrespective of finishing 8 hours. I was a contractor, so had to finish 8 hrs, so.
Anyway, that's not the point, point is I was deciding upon the Friday menu. Since couple of months, I was asking M to buy Panini Grill, but in the absence of sufficient space, we left all the great deals. Thanks to Thanksgiving day, and we bought the Grill. So today we decided to use the same grill and make Egg Grilled Sandwich, I think that's the only thing possible in Grills...sandwiches...
Can I make something else as well in the Grill? Suggestions any body? And yes, it has to be vegan.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

black friday

As explained in US terms Blackfriday is the day, when every shop owner in US thinks, this is the time to sell the maximum stuff. But, at the same time in India, there were terror attacks going on in Mumbai also known as 7/11. Some 200 people were dead and not sure how many of them were injured. I dont have pretty much to say, after the news and all the gungho about the terror thing. I am just convinced to get India rolling. Not really sure how, but somehow, please let me know if somebody has any suggestion. The one which comes to me as readily is donate as much as possible to make the schools free, and a better place to study. The schools in US are free, and the type of study environment they have is totally different. People here have civic sense, and that is all tought in schools, in India, people make one rule to break another.
Ideas anybody...

gearing up

As majority of us know that it was the Thanksgiving Day in the last week and its the biggest selling event in the year. From the financial point of view, everybody was expecting increased sale as compared to last year, to bring US from recession, but whatever we think, never happen. Anyway, I was in the market for a desktop, and like last year wanted to buy all of my stuff before the actual day and that too online, but the deals this time were not as good as last years. There were several doorbuster events on big stores, but I am too lazy for that, although some of my friends do got a laptop for 350$, when they were standing in the line since 10.30 in the night.
I wanted to buy a desktop, where I can place the pics and write my blogs on my own page. I am in the process of revamping ManuSaurabh.Info. Lets see, when and how it turns out to be.