Sunday, January 20, 2008

1st Grade in India or 2nd Grade In America

1st Grade in India or 2nd Grade In America

So this debate with one of my cousins started with an email forward.

The contents of the email contained Police Cars from various countries specifying the so called "qualities" of the car. And the end of the email had old time India's Mahindra Jeep whose Max Speed is not disclosed due to Security Reasons (

Well this seems to be a funny email to many people, but now since am here in US and staying in US has provoked my inner consciousness. It’s not any more. The image in the email shown was may be just after the independence or may be closer then that.

So I replied that email by another attachment of Delhi Police’s Vigilance Vehicle, with the message asking him to respect his country. It has given all of us a lot....

But that was wrong choice. He again replied with all sorts of myth.

Don’t try to teach me. If you really respect your country & if you feel that your country has given you a lot then there is no leave the country & work in the US. Your country needs you more than the US. Leaving the country for better prospects only means that better financial opportunities take priority over patriotism & progress of your own country. You can work in India& contribute to the growth of India. It is better to be a 1st class citizen in your own country than be a 2nd or 3rd class citizen in another country. We are proud to live & work here in India& contribute to the progress & prosperity of India& not that of the US.

I expect all my cousins & brother in law’s to support my stand. Let this end here. I do not expect a reply to this.

His reply sounded to me as if he is trying to hide something and in that effort he ended up showing up more. Don’t know what was his idea behind it?

Then in reply to his email one my other cousins replied saying “I have so many of this discussions now and it always seem that people in India strongly believe that just by staying in India, you help make India strong. Not understanding the fact that money flowing from outside of India also helps in the strength and development of India. The goodwill generated by Indian outside India is one of the big reasons that business flows to India. But most of the Indian living in India conveniently forgets this aspect of an Indian's life outside India. So, don't worry. Let's do our jobs and make sure that we help India in ways possible for us and let him do his job in making India strong.”

Katori Chat

Katori Chat

So after asking few friends and keeping in the tradition of english food every friday, Manu decided to make 'Soup in Bread Bowl'. Dunno wats the original for it. but as usual M devoted her full friday evening in preparing for the same.

It turned out to be a good soup, minus bad bread.

Yes, the picture above shows the same (with my Canon Rebel XT DSLR Camera).

Monday, January 14, 2008

My New Camera

My New Camera

Yes...finally....My All new Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT, the latest DSLR camera on the block.
Check this new camera pics on this location...Live Space.

I loved it this'll love it too...

Friday, January 11, 2008

Business Plan - Personal Shopper

This is Personal Maid

This is not that high profile as Personal Shopper.

There services can be utilized by normal people like me and you.

I mean it’s not for celebrity and for the normal middle / working class people where both the members of the nuclear house earn.

There areas of work can be anything, but limited to house hold stuff, for example:

  • You have paid electricity at your house and when running out of the house you forgot to reduce the heat, you can call this guy and ask him to reduce it, and again increase it when you would be back in home. I know you have automatic scheduler, which works the same way.
  • You are too busy to do you laundry, you can ask him to use your washing powder and do the same.
  • Can ask him to iron clothes.
  • Can ask him to clean your house.
  • Can ask him to start your car and clean off the ice in the morning.
  • Can ask him to drop your kids to school and bring them back.
  • Can ask him to chop veggies for you.
  • And to list many more.

It is not a service for all but for those who want to have a comfortable and luxurious life in less money. Now luxury can be yours for just $100 a week.

The personal maid would be staying in the same complex.

Can be any body’s wife? Should be young, energetic, preferably single and if married then with no kids.