Monday, April 03, 2006

A Visit To A Restaurant called Tamarind

After a long drive, Bhabi said she is not cooking, Manu (my wife) said manage yourself as she had fast for Gangaur (a typical north Indian tradition) and she was badly tired, had no other option left, we planned for Tamarind, Outer Ring Road (Hyderabad Highway), which is close to our house (Kalyan Nagar) also and as per Abhishek Bhai's past experience of four years, its good.

After reaching there only I came to know that Bangalore is one place where people do not want to cook on weekends, gosh, it was jam packed, with not even a place to wait, we were told to wait for 30 long mins.

Little Amishi was happy, she got time to have fun with all types of jhulas, I guess that was a major attraction for all the kids. Manu was baby sitting her.

At last, after lot of wambling with Waiter, and having been bitten by I think thousand mosquitoes; we got a seat for 6. Arumit was also with us, Abhishek Bhai's cousin. We ordered for a plain dal and very popular subzi Kadhai Paneer with tandoori roti, I opted for pudhina kulcha, with soup as a starter. After starters, came the dinner, for which we all were waiting for long. First the plates were layed which were wet; I will leave this to your imagination. And then this waiter, who was serving us, was not courteous enough to give us tissue paper, I literally screamed at him. We started with food, mostly the food was ok. But we had to ask for spoons and onions, which is given as a general practice. I remember those days in Coimbatore, where eating with spoon was almost like a sin.

I don’t know what was so great about that food which compelled people to stand for waiting, ours was majboori ;-). Anyway, to my astonishment, that guy took away the subzi while Abhishek Bhai was trying to eat that rubber roti. Man, this is really bad. How can a person take away the utensil, while eating? I understand everybody was in hurry coz it was almost 11 o'clock, still.

By the time all this happened, the person who took the order has already left. We called the other guy, and asked him to call the Manager, but he didn’t call him. After waiting for some 5-10 minutes I stood up and told him, if you are not calling the manager, we are leaving, without paying the bill. Then suddenly Manager kind of person was seen with the same food server, who was listening to the stories made by him.

Manager came and apologized for everything. He asked for something, we would like to have in lue of the loss happened, Bhai said it’s no point waiting for the sabji and roti for another 15 mins. Bhai paid the bill, and thought that he will refund the amount charged for the subzi, but it dint happen, he returned the exact change. Bhai then had a word to word fight with the Manager. Its a general etiquette that one should refund a part of bill, to patch up the things, but it dint happen, more over Manager was fighting over manners he showed when asking for anything in return.

I guess this was the worst ever experience I had while visiting a restaurant. Guys, it's a humble request; please do not go to those restaurants, where you do not get respect and value for money. We pay for the services and we should get them in return.