Saturday, November 11, 2006

Anupam Kher Unlimited

Anupam Kher Unlimited

Yes am talking about the famous actor Anupam Kher. It happened that my favorite news paper Times Of India was organizing a week long Bangalore Festival...comprising different theatre...the theater festival was the closing ceremony of the festival.

Manu called me in the office and asked me to get the passes from the itpl planet m, but I guess they were in so much demand that they all got picked up even before I reached there. The guy at Planet M told me that I might get it from brigade road planet m, but who will do a mistake by going to the brigade road on the busy weekday. Well we were both upset, moreover one of her friends was more interested in going than us. Then came this Saturday when we happen to be at the brigade road for some work. It was 11 am and I was alone, went to planet m asked for the passes(giving every possible try) but no success, then he gave me an option of going to the Times of India office and try there, it was 1 km walk…still I decided, I wont loose anything if I give it a try. I entered the office lobby, peeped inside, and before I could get a good look at the beautiful gals behind the desk, the guard asked me what I want. I asked him about the ticket, and he said he has last 2 available, I was like man, and these 2 passes were made for me only. I asked him for two more and he took away the passes he had just given me and said he would give them to those who need only 2. I settled for 2 passes. I was happy and full of joy; I was preparing myself for one more theatre, after a long break. Well we both were quite excited…

We reached the auditorium which was 25 kms away from my house 1 hr before the scheduled time, but only after waiting for 1 long hour we were allowed to enter inside.

Then after 15 mins i.e. @ 6.45 Mr Anupam Kher made appearance, and started shaking hands with everybody there in the public and guess what a guy came and kissed Mr.Kher.He was taken aback. Between a lot of hustle bustle the Monologue started, which was actually an autobiography of his. It was full of fun, humor, satire, love and emotions. He started with his birth, went till teens and then moved up to the current status. Anupam Kher again showcased that; there can not be a finer theater artist then him. He was self sufficient for handling around 500 audiences without any artist. Well I enjoyed to the maxim, and hope to witness more such events in future.

From his childhood in Shimla to his decision to study acting to his failures and his phases, Kher weaves in every aspect of his life in his autobiographical play Kuch Bhi Ho Sakta Hain, without meandering or delving too long in one phase. He makes you laugh, cry, ponder and go nostalgic through the two-and-a-half hours. And only makes you reflect over what Javed Akhtar had once said, “You cannot make a film without two things — raw stock and Anupam Kher.”

Cheers to that rare star who can laugh at himself effortlessly.