Wednesday, January 28, 2009

snowmobiling in the woods

So in the quest for inner peace M drove to White Mountains. Spent a day there, and came out in a new Avatar. It was a blissful new avatar. She came home and we were happy as before.
So, what do you think, if I tell this story to anybody, would he accept this hehe...M would kill me to death?
But, yeah as the name suggests, White Mountain region was really white, in this snow season, and we had a gala time with friends. It was total fun. Everybody enjoyed to the fullest. We also played with snow balls (actually I am trying to tease somebody here).
The main attraction of travelling in such a chilly time of the year was Snow Mobiling. I seem to be too exciting, and when my colleague at the last project, mentioned he owns one mobile, then I became too excited. On the way there were so many people going up, carrying there mobiles in their trucks. On the way we found so many plain grounds where every other person was snow mobiling. I thought so many times, I live right in the New England and this is my third winters, and I am coming here for the first time.
Well we reached the town right on time, but we were too hungry, and hence went for the restaurant, where we had delicious Mexican cuisine. And by the time we finished lunch, it was too late for the appointed hours for snow mobiling, still we went for it. Initially we were planning for 4 hrs, and then due to less light, we reduced it to 3 hrs.
We reached there without our gears, in fact I was in casual shoes, and yeah it’s funny. But we did not think that those people would be ready for us. So we wore the gears they provided to us, comes in the package.
We started with our guide as soon as we were ready with the gear and the entire pics click. I was pretty scared in the start, as the mobile was pretty heavy, and then it doesn't turn in the direction you want it to move. So we were going on this straight trail, and I got excited...and speeded a bit and thad...I was off the the snow, stuck. I was all alone in the wilderness for good 2-3 minutes; until the guide returned looking for me...and then smashed his took three of us and lots of gas to push the sledge out of that fluffy snow powder.

We returned back to the base to get the lighter mobile, and then started the journey back to the woods and snow. This time I was a bit more confident. And felt better on the mobile. We drove for next 10 miles one side to land on plain white ground. This time I drove real fast, performing like a pro...but the only thing I missed was better hand gloves. Fingers froze so many times, that we had to stop couple of times. They were colder then ice even after wearing tips warmer. After spending 10 minutes there, we left, it was pitch dark at that time, and we were the only people in the plain ground. Return was better but dangerous, as it was downhill, so had to maintain the direction and speed.

We took less time while returning. And I was very happy to return, as I had to pee badly, and more in cold. On return, I asked the guide, how many miles was the total, he said one way to pond is around 7-8 miles, I asked, did you say pond, and he nodded his head in affirmation.

All thru the way from home to NH, I was saying I am too scared of the ponds and telling and listening all sorts of stories. What if there is a thin slice of ice instead of a hard snow/ice. What if there is some animal sitting was all Ice Age revolving in my head.

Well, we spent the night in the cottage, and left next day morning. It was total fun. And want to go again. Pictures can be seen on my Orkut and Facebook Profile.

Friday, January 09, 2009


I actually don’t want to start with one liners review, but don’t have more then that.
Rab Ne Bana di Jodi – utter waste of time.
Gajini – Not Amir Khan Types. In fact, first movie who has a name on the villain.
Slumdog Millionaire – How come Americans make better movie about India, then Indians.

Last few weekends…

Last weekend we returned home in the night at midnight. No we did not return from the disc or club or something. We just went out with friends to watch a movie. How come so late? M was tired of sitting at home. She was tired of sitting. Standing after sitting. Sleeping, and then sitting after sleeping. And sleeping after sitting. And even when changing directions when sleeping. She was so much tired of all this, and moreover people scared her saying, life won’t be same. So now she wants to enjoy to the fullest. She came with this, when we are running short of weekends. In fact, at one of the weekends she even proposed to go out and relax.
Well, we are now in the buying spree, buying clothes for the baby, buying baby bed, buying closet for baby stuff, buying bed for mom. Buying is one thing; setting up the thing is another. That’s another project.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

line of control

These days M is growing in a perfect pear shape, day by day and hence our queen sized bed has started shrinking. She has this body pillow since ages, even when we were not planning on things, though everyone suspected at that time. Things changed and now she wants a variety of them. Recently, she inherited this maternity pillow from a close friend. Its a u shaped pillow to help women support her growing belly. As i said we have this queen size bed and 2/3 of the bed space is occupied with this stupid pillow, i was asked to sleep on the rest of the space, which in her eyes is so much space that 2 adults can easily fit in.
Well, lately, she started feeling uncomfortable with this U shaped pillow, and she stopped using it. I was one happy lad, only to my amazement, she started using the initial body pillow, long thin pillow. But now i have this line of control, which i am not supposed to cross. If i do that even in sleep, i was always thrown to the other part of the world. So these days i am strictly planning to move to another bed, atleast where i can expand to my normal size without fear of roll over.