Sunday, January 29, 2006

Rang De Basanti

Rang De Basanti

Just came from the movie.

Dont know how to start and what to write. The movie was truely awesome. And really a thing to learn from. These politicians are like......... Hang Till Death.

There are two types of people in this world, who live life as it comes , and the other who stand up and make the difference . Now one has to decide, to which side he wants to stand.

While returning back to home I was thinking, which side do I stand. And it was quickly decided that am the later one, but question arises how to make the difference, in which way I can change this wide spread corruption in my country. Ofcourse no body can leave the life on its own, but the difference lies in the way they live their otherwise ordinary life. The only difference they can make is by being honest and stopping corruption in their day to-day life. The other day I went to commercial street (a famous market in Bangalore) with my ex fiance(now wife), and parked my bike on the no parking zone, as usual my vehicle got lifted. After much of walking into number of Police Stations we found our vehicle, and to our amazement, there were couple of people who were standing in the other 'Q'.

Whats this other queue?

One queue was the one where Traffic police man was there and the other was the driver or the agent or dalla(in typical hindi slang). Before I could walk towards the traffic police man the agent came to me and asked for Rs 100/- for settlement, I ignored him and straight away went to the traffic police man who made a Rs 200/- challan and to much of my amusement there was this couple who went with the agent and settled in Rs 50/-

Am still thinking....... how to save My Country from this dalla rajnetas...!

Jai Hind!