Thursday, July 31, 2008

This life sucks…

Years pass by, months watch them and days count them. We spend the life here without parents, without family, and think we are well off. What are we, Americans? Or some other breed?

I came to US to earn money and have some more for the house, a bit more for the kids, a little more for their education, and more for old age. Will that limit of more ever have a period? Or we are going to live this life like this.

I always wanted to have fame at work, being Lion by nature. I think a lot like him. But in the end I miss one thing – courage. There comes Indianness. The Indian education system is built to produce babus. Always to accept things as they are given, and never to ask for them. Someone, who dares to ask, is shown door.

Well, I am totally off right now. And want something more out of life apart from 9-5 job. Ya ya, I know I used to say this when I was in india. Now the same stuff in US. Yes, unless you do something new, you wont get it. Same rule applies.

So go ahead and start asking for all that you want in life. Life doesn’t give you a second chance.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


So its been a while, and all this while it was so much activity.

#1 I joined a new company.

#2 I left the old company. Obviously.

#3 I bought Wii.

#4 My website is back up and running.

#5 Trying few more interesting stuff on my home based web server.

So the agenda of this blog you know from above.

I joined a new company. This time for real. A permanent least for now. I was sick and tired of changing the projects every now and then and sitting at home in between. Sometime for days and other times for weeks.

I left the old company. Because I started with the new one. No way. I actually was tired of consulting. And more over with the type of work, what clients ask you to do. In my last project I was working on ASP, JavaScript, and XSL for the controls. I mean for the validation those guys were using some controls from Peter Blum VAM controls, and only for the sake of using some Third Party Controls they upgraded their solution to 1.1/2.0. I mean what kind of an application is that. I agree that in a product company, you don’t work on the core product if client is not willing to pay. But this is your bread and butter.

People are moving to 3.5 and they are now thinking of moving to 1.1. How good is that? I don’t have any answers to any of my questions. Well, that’s their personal matter. I am not the one to decide upon that. But all I am asking was truth while hiring contractors. There were 5 contractors initially, of which the first one was sitting for 3 weeks all alone. He was the first to leave the client. Next who left, had the job before he came. Third one left because he was interviewed for the architect level and was asked to do some web services coding. He was still doing a better job. Fourth one was terminated for watching YouTube in office. Imagine you have done your work and still can’t surf websites. Utter dilemma. I was the fifth one. Left them in most water. My verdict, when clients can leave the candidates by giving a day’s notice, why can’t candidate leave them?

I bought Wii. I actually wasted 1 month. It is for my nephew. But my sister asked me to buy only last weekend. Almost after a month, when my nephew left for India. It’s more fun on the name of exercise. I saw guys playing tennis and baseball, sitting on couch and not even bothered to stand up. It has motion detected remotes, which intercepts the sensors, and move the players in the game. The best is boxing. If you have to punch the opponent’s outer stomach, how would you do it? Yes, it takes real life boxes in effect. You move your hand out and then inside, you can actually see the same in the game. That’s real awesome.

My website is again up and running. Last night I spent a lot of time setting up my web server, with the new website. I created the website while working on the last project. So for now, it’s just for the starters. I want to add few more stuff on that, like albums and blogs. Not sure if in future this blog might move to a new place.

Trying new stuff with my home based web server. That’s the advantage of the machine if its in your home. You can try n-number of stuff onto that. This time I am trying to evaluate between SharePoint and community server. I might end up installing both of them, and then leave up to the users to decide which one should I go for? I want to make this machine to be used for the family.

So that’s all for now. Lot of stuff still to come in. Stay tuned. Well right now I am looking forward to the Cleveland and Columbus Trip.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

babies in mind?

This is 2.40 am and I am wide awake, reason, saw a dream, and since I wanted to write it down and did not want to forget, so here I am.

Background, as everybody knows, we were on vacation to Miami, Florida. So it was all cruising in my mind, and my sister just came from India after meeting my very old Granny, whom I fondly call “badi mi” just a short for big mommy. And my MIL (she is pretty young). And the last weekend we were at friends place,all young couples talking babies, planning either first baby or second.

Dream-- so there we were on a cruise, my wife asked me to sit inside and said that she was outside with friends and when the cruise starts she would board the ship. Fair enough. She was out with friends. And one of the other friends being K. Suddenly the ship started moving and without anybody on the ship, me alone... I was dead scared as to what’s happening, and then after traveling for almost 15 minutes I requested the captain of the ship to drop me off at some other point. I ran through every bikini clad woman and yes without even looking at them or the sari clad woman at the same time, making it a rare combination of any shore of Ganges in Allahabad and a Semi Modern club of Peach shaped woman.

Well I reached to my wife and asked what the hell happened and she said K is not feeling well but it’s a good news...somebody is pregnant, and I asked are you, pat came the reply- not me its K. K in her tone replied- not me , its Manu who is pregnant with twins.Then after shying she acknowledged that she is pregnant and now she would be tasting the salsa of Motherhood which she is happy to.

So guys, what you think I am doing at 3.10 in the night/morning. Didn’t want to let go this beautiful thought. Comments anybody?