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Road trip–Day7,8,9

Day 7/8/9

Destination: Jersey City via NYC.

Distance: 123 mi, 2 hours 7 mins

Soon enough, it was the next day and we were, all so excited that we would be home soon.

The distance to Jersey from Atlantic City was not a lot, but it took us hours to reach there. Manly because , at the end of the road trip, we were kind of tired, and wanted to go home, and have homemade food and stay in home, even though we were out of actual house for only 2 nights, out of 6.

So were desperate to reach Jersey City, internally we were feeling too good.

In jersey, Ankit and S, went to their cousin’s place and spent the night there. From there they went to Times Square and around.

Next day we picked them up and did a trip to NYC from one point to another we spent 6 hours in the car and did site seeing from inside the car.

And incidentally that was the day when the occupy wall st event started. We dint know of that part and we were wondering, what could have happen. After wall st, it was direct to home. I was so tired driving the car at the snail speed that I just wanted to go.

In the morning they made the plan for Statue of liberty and as soon as we did that we were off to Ashland.

I know I clubbed three days in this post, but due to the time, I have forgotten most of the story and hence the shortness.

Road Trip–Day6

Day 6.

Destination: Atlantic City, NJ.

Distance: 168 mi, 3 hours 2 mins

Initially we thought of leaving at around 9a, after doing breakfast. And after pushing to get ready and have breakfast, we were in the car @10a.

We were about to leave and suddenly we realized we have one seat vacant. And it was Ankit, who went to bathroom. After a while when he came back we, took coffee for me and we started.

For some reason, the beds at these hotels are never comfortable. You wake up with the sour back in the morning. I think because they don’t want to make you feel at home. As that’s one of the difference between, house and a hotel.

So as usual, as soon as we started in the car, within couple of minutes all were sleeping. Including Kaavya. So I actually drove for an hour or so, took a break to feed Kaavya. And then we were nonstop to Atlantic City. Once we even did try to feed Kaavya on board, it was possible but a little difficult.

At last we reached Atlantic City, it’s almost like Vegas, from inside.

We booked three rooms for three couples. All the men were more excited than the ladies. So we all dressed up and started to have a glimpse of the city from inside the car. We took two rounds of the same street, in the hope of not missing anything, but in the end M and I decided, that nothing can’t beat Vegas.

So now it was casino’s turn. It was first attempt to a casino for Ankit, after a failed attempt in Kentucky so he wanted to try everything. He started with slot machines then poker, then blackjack and then roulette. We had a good time there, and you know what happens at casino. So we had fun of other kind too ;-)

Road trip–Day5


Destination: Harrisburg, PA via New Vrindaban, WV

Distance: 368 mi, 6 hours 47 mins.

Today we were to leave for our next depot which is a temple in WV, better known as New Vrindaban temple.

The plan was to get ready by 11a. And that’s why we packed our bags last night. But Kaavya was sick and so do i; we both had a running nose. And sore throat.

We actually happened to leave only by 3p. Wow. Yes, but we were ok, coz we knew that the drive is going to take only 3 hours. As soon as we came out on the highway, K, nani and nana, all slept. As if they were waiting to come out of the house.

We almost reached the temple. And then we lost our way. The way to the temple was very hilly and winding. And after some point GPS gave up. We had the paper directions. But still we were lost. At one point I had to stop and ask with the local resident for the way. Luckily he knew the way.

And we were all on track once again. After driving on the unpaved road for probably 0.5 miles, we saw the palace of gold and everybody screamed with joy. At last we reached.

We first checked in to the log cabin. The temple was closed and so were the restaurant and the palace of gold. After an hour or so we realized, we have already seen the temple. Food we can have outside, what’s the point of staying there. Coz we won’t be able to see the palace of gold anyway, even in the morning.

So we packed up again. Just throw the stuff in the car and started from Vrindaban.

We drove for 3 more hours, until i decided that I can’t drive anymore. We searched for the hotel on the exit; it was a bread and breakfast.

While i was resting with seniors and juniors, M went to get us the food. And that was the end of the day.

Road trip–Day4


Destination: Local Mall.

Distance: 20 miles.

In the morning we all woke up, had breakfast, bid adieu and left for Columbus, OH. as he was also getting late for the work.

the drive back home was a little emotional. as I was still thinking about the past. how we grew up together, how we spent those fun filled days in the school.

We were home by 11. got ready and then there was the plan of going to the mall, which is said to be the second largest mall in US after the one in Minneapolis. We met Sameer there, for the second time. but this time I was talking more with him. we dint do anything great but it was okay to roam around and talk with him.

after the mall we came back home and then went to the temple. by the time we were home, bua had invited a couple from SRE. and it was a chat program. by that time we were all done and about to hit the bed.

in the normal language we were idling / fooling around the whole day.

Road trip–Day3

Day3 was relaxed.

Destination: Ludlow, Kentucky via Cincinnati, OH.

Distance: 110 mi, 1 hour 56 mins

There was nothing planned by bua, so we had to make our own plans there too. I had already spoken with one of my close school friends. And he was in Cincinnati, 120 miles south of Columbus, just 2 hours’ drive. Me and A made a plan and we both started from Columbus at around 5.30 and reached there at his place at around 8. While on the road, we made several plans of meeting/fooding/enjoying. But nothing worked out and we reached his home directly. After reaching in front of his house, i called him, he dint pick, i called him again and again he dint pick, i called him probably 10 times and he dint reply. At this time we thought, somebody made a fool of us and this guy is not what i think. It was dark and it was chilling outside. The street was lonely with no people on it, but after 15 minutes, Vinamra showed up. i almost hit him, but yes, in very friendly way, like we used to do in school times. Seeing him, we refreshed school memories, 13 year old. Yes, i was meeting him after 13 years. Always spoke with him on the phone never met him after the school.

We remembered those days when we use to do night outs in the name of "combined studies", and instead Rome around the city to eat something on my luna or his scooty :) total fun days...miss them...

Well, we decided to go to the casino, as we both Ankit and I were excited. So we went there and almost at the entrance, we realized Ankit did not get his passport. It was a huge bummer (klpd). And we returned unstamped.

On the way back we were trying to find the place to eat, as it was almost 10 and luckily we did find something close to his house. I had some kind of bread there and they had some kind of meat.

After the food we came back home and found there is no place to lie down, Vinamra just had a twin bed, as this is his temporary accommodation. He managed to get the comforter and a bed sheet, and he increased the temperature of the house. So it was okay in the night.

We kept on talking about the school and personal lives with each other and were awake till 1a. We also spoke with Rohan. And we all were excited.

Road trip–Day2


Destination: Columbus OH via Lake Erie.

Distance: 350 mi, 5 hours 41 mins

The plan for the day was to leave from Warsaw at around 11a. And I thought the state park i was planning to visit would be just another state park, but i was wrong when i binged it for the same. I asked everybody to join us, and the target time of 9a was pushed to 11a.

So we all went to the park. The letch worth state park. It was said to be the grand canyon of east and its worth visiting. There are three water falls, the upper middle and lower falls. All have their own different views and falls. All were unique, some fall down some climb up..... :)

But the state park was worth visiting. In fact it had big bbq grills and areas. If we got our lunch this was the perfect way to have it.

After we reached back home in Warsaw, we had lunch and packed some. We started from their at around 2.30p. This was a good 6 hr drive and with Kaavya and so many people, i estimated it to be around 8 hr drive, and hence reached Columbus, OH at 11 in the night. If this was not home, i would have took more breaks and stopped somewhere in between. Home was the only consolation and i drove with min possible stops. In the end when it was just 10 miles left Kaavya become restless, and we had to take her out and then i had to drive @ 50 miles.

Sometimes you got to listen to your kid as well. Alas, we reached Columbus and we had a grand dinner, with the typical UP food. Bua knows i am a big time foodie, so she made all varieties of fried stuff with matching sweets.

By the time we were done with food, we were so tired that we all crashed in the bed and nobody knows what happen after that :D

Road trip–Day1


Destination: Niagara Falls, NY, Warsaw, NY

Distance: 449 mi, 7 hours 54 mins

I woke up at 2.55, without alarm, thinking I would be the first one, but M was already up with Mom. They were packing the eatables/snacks to keep in the car. By 4.15 we were all ready. And by 4.40 we were in the car...off the Niagara Falls, the first destination.

We took around 8 hours to reach Niagara Falls. We took around 5 breaks in between. In one of the breaks, M took the advantage of me not in the car and sat on the driver's seat. I was forced to sit in the back seat. Sitting was fine, but somehow the fear of she not driving well, killed me and I was in more stress, then when I was driving. She drove for almost an hour and I tried to talk to people on the phone and deviated myself.

We reached there at around 1p. We thought we should hurry up, but it was all so dull and slow there, coz it was almost the end of season, and a bit chilly. There was absolutely no waiting line at any of the rides. Since I have been there on the rides, I decided to not go there. So K went in cave of the winds and in the meantime I was hungry so went to the car and fed myself, I was hungry.

By the time came back in 30 minutes I was all set ;)

Everybody liked it. Worth watching. Correct me if wrong.

Then we all came to the car and fed ourselves. Then we all went to the maid of mist and since Kaavya was almost sleeping, so I thought we both will take a small nap. The moment they were off, she started playing, as if waiting for them to leave. And I was having tough time even sitting there. Somehow I managed myself by talking a walk, playing on my phone, and then I realized, K had to poop. By the time others were back, K was all dirty by playing in the garden without putting her shoes on. We took a walk back to the parking lot and started for Warsaw.

The drive to Warsaw was very very pretty, since it was upstate NY; the colors of fall were full blown. It was awesome. The total drive time from Niagara Falls to Warsaw was 1hr and 16 minutes. And we took more than 2 hours. We stopped at every good stop, took pictures, had ice-cream. And had fun.

By the team we reached Warsaw, we were dead tired; I had a shower, dinner and crashed in bed. Same was the case with everybody else.

Road trip - Day 0

Day 0

It was for long when I wanted to go on a road trip. But it was made possible when m's folks are here. It was her Mom, dad, brother and brother's wife. Mom was here a month before the next consignment of other three came.

So we planned a road trip for all of us to visit family and various other places.

The trip was like this

Niagara Falls, NY

Bua in Warsaw, NY

Bua in Columbus, OH

Temple in WV’s

Atlantic City, New Jersey

Jersey City, New Jersey

And then back home.

It was a 1700 mile trip.

We thought of covering it in 9 days.

The biggest problem was car. I have a 5 seater, but we need 7 seater at least.

So I knocked few doors and found out about rentalcars.com where it gives you the best rate. If I wanted it for a week then it was turning out to be costly as compared to for a whole month. So we were better off renting it for a whole month, then a week. Also, we can roam around in the same car. Instead of burning gas for 2 cars.

Anyway, so the big day arrives, we planned everything in advance, like what all the keep in the car, massager, phone chargers, iPad, iPhone, K's tray, painting books, colors, portable dvd player. Enough stuff to keep her busy for the drive time of 7 hrs maximum in a stretch.

We kept the entire luggage in the car, settled everything, put the bottles in each cup holder, as if working like a professional. Everything was done, and I was thinking, something is missing, but could not realize until M came and asked, did you keep the stroller :) heheheh. M always joins the missing links. That’s what she does the best and I love her for.

We tried to remember everything, if we are missing anything, because we were going on a longest trip ever, so far at least for me. And I love driving. We sometimes fought over the sitting arrangement, I was quite. I was the driver, and no matter what, I get the best seat :).

So we went to bed at 11p and the target for leaving the house was 4a in the morning, it was an ambitious target.

Nighty night all. See you tomorrow.

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New England GiveCamp 2011

Last year, about 100 volunteers from across New England (and Virginia!) spent a weekend at the New England Research and Development (NERD) Center working on web sites and other software projects for two dozen New England non-profit organizations – and contributing an estimated $170,000 in pro bono services! And now we're doing it all over again!

New England GiveCamp

I'm thrilled to announce that New England GiveCamp 2011 is now open for volunteer registration. Projects at GiveCamp span multiple technologies – WordPress, Drupal, ASP.NET, Silverlight, Access, QuickBooks, etc. - so if you can commit the time for the entire weekend (April 29 – May 1) and come with the passion to contribute, you'll be a key member of a project team assigned to one of the non-profit organizations. This year we're especially hoping to recruit additional projects needing pure design skills as well – logo creation, layout, etc. – so if you don't know a byte from a bit, no problem!

And if you want to chip in but can't commit the entire weekend, there are opportunities to help out with logistics or ad hoc for the various project teams. Those who participated last year will attest that this is truly a life-changing experience, and who couldn't use one of those?

Non-profits: We're accepting non-profit project proposals through March 20th, so if you know of an organization that can benefit from services at GiveCamp, please pass on the registration URL: http://newenglandgivecamp.org/non-profits

Sponsorships: Keeping 120+ people caffeinated and fed for an entire weekend does not come cheap! so we are actively pursuing sponsorships to help defray costs of food and other logistics for GiveCamp. If your company or organization would be interested in contributing back to the local community by supporting the New England GiveCamp, please have them contact us at negc2011@hotmail.com or review the sponsor page on the GiveCamp site.

Finally, keep tabs on the event via the New England GiveCamp site, follow us on Twitter at @NEGiveCamp, and 'like' us on Facebook!

Source : Jim O'Neil's Blog - http://blogs.msdn.com/b/jimoneil/archive/2011/03/08/new-england-givecamp-2011.aspx

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FW: Phantom of the Floppera (video)






Voice 508.229.0600x5412


Feed: Engadget
Posted on: Thursday, February 10, 2011 6:50 AM
Author: Thomas Ricker
Subject: Phantom of the Floppera (video)


This is what happens when you connect a few floppy drives to a PIC18f14k50 microcontroller operated by a MIDI-wielding madman. Be sure to watch until at least the 2 minute 30 second mark for a 5 1/4 inch surprise. Look closely, and you might just notice that Box 5 was left empty.

[Thanks, Jussi J.]

Phantom of the Floppera (video) originally appeared on Engadget on Thu, 10 Feb 2011 07:50:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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FW: Win an iPad! Send Us Your Employee Referrals!


The following news will come as no surprise to you, but ikaSystems is growing very quickly, and we’re on the hunt for talented, qualified candidates to join our team. We already know that ikaSystems employees are some of the brightest minds and hardest workers in Massachusetts. So what better way to expand our company than to call on your networks of friends and colleagues to find candidates for employment?


On February 18, ikaSystems will be holding its first ever job fair at the Westborough Doubletree Hotel, where hiring managers will meet with prospective candidates. To spread the word, we’re asking for your help. Below is a quick blurb that you can add to your emails as well as your Facebook and LinkedIn pages. Feel free to personalize the message if you’d like.


·         ikaSystems is looking for qualified candidates to join our growing team. If you or someone you know is looking for an opportunity to work in a fast-paced environment where you can make a difference, come to the ikaSystems job fair on Friday, February 18, 2 to 7 p.m. at the Westborough Doubletree Hotel. Please make sure to list my name as a referral on the Employment Application. Hope to see you there!

Effective February 1, 2011, we have changed the company’s employee referral program. If we hire a candidate you refer to us, you will receive $4,000 after the new employee has completed six months at the company! As an added incentive, we are launching an Employee Referral Contest, where each referral who is hired will earn you a chance in a quarterly drawing for a new iPad! At the end of the year, we’ll hold another drawing for a GRAND PRIZE. Because each of your referrals ikaSystems hires gives you one chance in the drawing, multiple referrals give you a better chance to win.


Please take a minute to review our current openings. Be sure to check back regularly because we’re adding new positions every week. As you know, we work with the best of the best here at ikaSystems, so please be sure that you are referring only qualified candidates. If you have anyone in mind for the positions listed, please submit the candidate’s resume directly to Human Resources at employeereferral@ikasystems.com. Please note that you must make reference to the specific position for which you are referring the candidate, and we ask that you provide a brief summary of each candidate’s qualifications in your email to Human Resources. To review the eligibility requirements for referrals, please click here.


As always, we are extremely grateful for the dedication of our employees. If we could clone each of you, we would! But since that technology is not available, the next best thing is for us to get to know people like you — and we need your help for that! Please send any qualified candidates our way so that we can continue to build the best team in the industry.


Thank you for your help!


Human Resources Team



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FW: Metro UI theme on iPhone


Feed: WPCentral.com
Posted on: Thursday, February 03, 2011 8:24 AM
Author: WPCentral.com
Subject: Metro UI theme on iPhone


Posted on Thu, 03 Feb 2011 08:24:00 EST by Richard Edmonds

Are you someone who loves Apple products but has envy for Windows Phone 7 owners for the interface they have the privilege in staring at for hours of each day? Or do you already own a WP7 device and wish to expand the deployment?

This has now become reality from just a possibility thanks to wyndwarrior, a theme designer at modmyi.com. Titled OS7, this theme for the iOS platform will transform your grid style Apple interface into a live tile enabled, aesthetically pleasing design that is found on WP7.

Before you begin to wander about the quality of the theme, or if functionality such as pinning (and unpinning) tiles to the main screen is missing, then fear not. Basic functions look and work very well, but the best feature? Live tiles are supported with more support on the way such as Facebook pulling live data etc. Although the theme requires you to mess with your device, which some people don't feel comfortable doing, it really is simple to install and get cracking...

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FW: Google's paying $20,000 to hack Chrome -- any takers?

Feed: Engadget
Posted on: Thursday, February 03, 2011 7:33 PM
Author: Michael Gorman
Subject: Google's paying $20,000 to hack Chrome -- any takers?


So far, Chrome is the only browser of the big four -- Safari, Firefox, and Internet Explorer being the other three -- to escape the Pwn2Own hacking competition unscathed the past two years. (Sorry Opera aficionados, looks like there's not enough of you to merit a place in the contest... yet.) Evidently, its past success has Google confident enough to pony up a cool $20,000 and a CR-48 laptop to anyone able to find a bug in its code and execute a clean sandbox escape on day one of Pwn2Own 2011. Should that prove too daunting a task, contest organizer TippingPoint will match El Goog's $10,000 prize (still $20,000 total) for anyone who can exploit Chrome and exit the sandbox through non-Google code on days two and three of the event. For those interested in competing, Pwn2Own takes place March 9th through 11th in Vancouver at the CanSecWest conference. The gauntlet has been thrown -- your move, hackers.

Google's paying $20,000 to hack Chrome -- any takers? originally appeared on Engadget on Thu, 03 Feb 2011 20:33:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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