Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Hit by US Recession

It was once again time when I was sitting at home, without work, for straight 3 weeks, 3 weeks ago. Thanks to US economy.

I went to the office hale and hearty and in 2 hours time I received a phone call from my recruiter saying today is my last day. Why, they hired a manager who has a different style of working, and is not an architect. I missed my ex manager. May be in bad sense or good, not sure, but sure I did miss him.

There I was, packed my stuff in 1 hr and off to home, with so many questions in mind, what happened. Was it cost cutting, was it my lack of experience, was it bad work, was it less work, was it the way I talk to my co-workers. So many questions, and I had answer to none.

Anyway, I can’t undo the thing which is not in my control. I reached home and had a blast (really) no. Overnight, I updated my profile on all the job sites, in fact activated it, which I posted few weeks ago, anticipating the move. But, had to wait for the weekend so that I can start talking to recruiters. It was that time of the year when I hated the weekends and welcomed the weekdays. Mondays were still unwanted, coz to others it still gives monday blues.

First week went in calls and then something was scheduled for the next week. I was happy, took out the study material, dusted it and starting reading them. Second week, interviews happened, some for fulltime and rest for contracting. People ask how did it go, and my templated reply, interview always goes well, its always the result which is bad.

Finally after my hard work and burning the midnight oil (yeah, yeah), I found 2 contracts in a single day, which one to pick and which one to drop. It was a easy choice. Picked up which was close to train station.

Bottom-line is, if you are a small time contractor then be prepared for going home any time of the day.

Alls well that ends well!!!