Friday, December 07, 2007

Working at Digitas

The good thing about it was I learned new stuff over there,

  • Used community server
  • Worked on nested master pages
  • Even though it’s a web application, you don’t have a code behind
  • How the code can be written and passed through web handlers.
  • Learnt about the utility of Digg, and My yahoo.

Bad thing was, they gave me two days notice instead of the market standard 2 weeks.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Forced Bachelorship :( or ;)

Manu has gone for three weeks. Lots of empty space. Vacuum. Don’t like this. Anyway, have to utilize this time, so thought of going to gym, reading some books, articles, watch lots of films and play ...what else my Xbox.

Got the parking violation ticket yesterday for not paying the fee . was trying to bluff, failed .

Decided to make something for myself at home, hot-hot. Used veggie dip as a sauce and made veggie salad. It was good, ummm was fine. But, yes, i liked, it.

How to get that 25$ back, thought of running to T-Station today. It was a bad-bad idea. I totally froze from thighs, and nose starting running faster then me. Planning to catch 7.04 train, at least will get the parking this side and will pay the fee .

Went to gym, 10 minutes, and I was done. too bad for me. All stamina lost. Have to cover that. Bring it back to normal.

All plans for the weekend decided. Saturday is Shreya's party, then to Ashland for the Apartment. Sunday morning to Mt. Wachusett. Just for roaming, will do the ski next time.

That’s the plan as of now lets see how it works out. Till then happy bachelorship