Friday, September 24, 2010

2 pictures for you

Checkout out Kaavya's new Boots...she was showing off her attitude in them...

Monday, August 16, 2010

and I thought captcha is some random alphabets...

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Monday, July 19, 2010

The train trip from Allahabad to Ajmer.

So, we had two marriages, one in Allahabad and other one in Ajmer. And my whole family was present, so we decided to take a train trip from Allahabad to Ajmer, which is a direct train. And we were 14 heads, with 9 adults and 5 kids, and 12 births. 6 in 2nd AC and 6 in 3rd AC. The reservation for 10 births were from Kanpur and rest 2 were from Allahabad. But we all boarded from Allahabad. So the journey started with 14ppl and there 24pieces of luggage. We took a Vikram, a Toyota Innova and a Maruti 800 car to reach the station and we had to take the back route to the platform so that, we can be close to the coach, see the irony. 
The train was coming from Howra. First it was 1.5 hours late and then for some reason the train was coming onto the different platform. As you can see the number of items we had. So we paid almost 300bucks to three porters with a trolley, and believe it or not we negotiated to this amount when they started with Rs.500. 
So nearing the time of arrival we started moving to another platform. Train arrived as announced but we lost the track of the porters and they got vanished, as we paid them half the money in advance. Train just stops for 2 mins on the station and remember we were 14 ppl with 24 items and with no porters. We started moving towards opposite direction as we thought the AC coaches would come towards the end. While on the move, we figured out, that its the other way round, so we again started moving in the trains direction. With all the luggage, then from somewhere these porters started coming in and we were thrown inside the train. 
So we somehow managed to get in, now the problem was for the 24 pieces of luggage, we kept all the stuff in the corridor, under other persons birth. I could hear people saying, how do people travel with so many pieces of luggage. But yeah, the good part was, we were all in and waiting for the TTE to arrive. First we tried to bribe him, he tried to be smart and wanted to make full ticket, we were prepared and then he realized if he makes the ticket, everything will go, so he later settled for 25% of the ticket amount.
In all this fighting with TTE, securing luggage, and taking turns in two coaches, which were luckily side by side, came Kanpur, where we secured all our seats and then started the food time. We opened the kitchen in 2nd AC, where we had more legroom and hence everybody had turn to come in and eat. Kaavya in the mean time had her little jet lagged nap, meal of milk and she was up refreshed and ready to do more shaitani.
When we were done with food, we sat for couple of hours, did some chit chat and soon came the bed time. In the mean time I found time to sit with kids and play some of there games.Kids always love to have me, as I love to play there games and thats what kids want. Well it was night time and we made beds for kid and ourselves and dozed for a short night. Time to reach Ajmer was 4.30a, and we were not sure if somebody is coming to pick us up. We were dead tired and as soon as we dropped on to the bed, at least I was sleeping. I just woke up one station before Ajmer, and woke up everybody else as well. On the station, it was the groom himself waiting for us to receive, with his 2 friends. 
There were two incidents happened after we reached Ajmer. Basics, I am born and brought up in Ajmer, leave me anywhere in the darkest of the streets, I can come out easily, with my eyes closed. 
Incident #1 - On the Ajmer station, Manu asks another person where is the bridge to get out of the station and I was standing there, next to her.
Incident #2 - One of the grooms friends was driving us home, and he dint realize I am a localite, was waiting for the groom to tell him directions. For a second I thought of bashing him then and there itself.

Anyway, we reached home. This was the most memorable trip ever, with so much of fun and thrill. And moreover, I was in Ajmer after 3.5 years.

Monday, July 12, 2010

indian weather

When you are in India and you do not have Indian chaat, your visit to India is a waste. Where ever you go, in any corner of India, you can have this chaat. So as expected, we landed at Delhi airport and took the flight to Allahabad after spending 12 hours with M's parents. We were primarily indoors, 'coz it was literally a coal furness outside. So the moment we were in open and let loose we started hogging. We did not want to waste a single moment and before reaching the dharamshala from the airport, we decided to take a detour, via the medical chowk chaatwala. We first had aloo tikki. Then we had pani patasha, the taste of water, which was dripping from the sliced finger of sweat-full hand of the person, serving us, it was delicious. We did not leave another moment and next we had tamatar chaat. After so much of spice, we had to have water and we bought a bottle of Bisleri. We continued to have all types of water and food, made in utmost unhygienic conditions, and we sustained.
The worst part was for K, where we even used to sterilize her bottles in US and in Allahabad, were not able to wash properly in that dirty stinking bathroom. I kept her bottles on that floor, where I was not able to step with my slippers on. I think even when I was in B'lore, I was not open to such unhygienic conditions. But this was the epitome. At one moment, M decided, that as soon as we reach US, we are gonna discard the bottles and buy another set, but we had to manage with the same ones in the whole trip, so whats the point of buying new ones when you have already used the dirty ones. Anyway, as discussed later with family members, the condition of rooms, where we stayed, is much better then the ones they stayed last time. Which was a relief for them. The heat wave prevalent in the area at the same time. Heatwave, pollution and natural sunlight. the awesome threesome made the walk @ 12 noon barely bearable. I somehow dared to walk 100 meters in search of packaged milk for K. Result, no milk, but, my face full of dust, nostrils full of pollution, and t-shirt full of sweat. I sware, if you wanted to kill somebody, made him smell me. He would have died by himself. Anyway, thats India, and it just got more polluted and unorganized. Mamu, the thulla, cop at the chowk, stand and smoke, barely lift hands for traffic, but the moment you see a red lighted car passing, he would stand straight and salute. When would these people awake?
Anyway, I think this blog is taking a whole different path. Will end here...

india trip

Its difficult to express in words the feelings when you are so close to landing on your motherland. The smell in the air, every footstep, people watching you, greeting you. The smell may be foul, watching your footstep to avoid stepping on dirt and people watching you to get hold of you and snatch away something or the other from you. Well, whatever it is, its mera bharat mahaan.
My dream of visiting India was fulfilled and I was in India for a 3 week trip. Although, it sounded like 3 weeks would'nt be enough, but for me it was more then sufficient.
We had several work to be done in Ajmer as well as Saharanpur. And I managed to finish, most of them.
This post is one of many posts which would appear here in the form of individual posts.
I would talk about:

  • My transition to Indian weather.
  • The train trip from Allahabad to Ajmer.
  • The two marriages.
  • Indian Economy.
  • Road drive in India.
  • My Visa stamping and immigration.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Fwd: [vhpaboston] Fwd: INDIANS

It is so true...
My 15 year old daughter was telling the other day, that, we both are working for the cause of rescuing child slaves and child laborers and rehabilitating them for "Bachpan Bachao Andolan". So, as a rule, during our annual Bharat visits, we must refuse to enter dhabhas and restaurants where children are employed. She said that even if we are hungry, we must manage with fruits, but not support such maliks who exploit children. Unfortunately, child slavery is the highest in India. Visit to know more...