Tuesday, July 03, 2007

New Car New Accident

My first ever car, that too big Toyota Corolla (at least according to Indian Standards). I bought it with my own money obviously with loan almost paid now.

Yes, I bought this car of mine 4 months ago and was (am or was) very happy with it. Used to go to Jersey City every month in this car. And take this to office daily.

Last time when we went to Jersey City, we went to a Park for the party, and when we were leaving, I was in the parking lot, waiting for the other car which was pulling up from the other parking spot, suddenly another car perpendicularly came from the right hand side and BANGED into my car. Well, it was not a big dent that time. Only when I took it to the Appraiser, he estimated a whooping USD 1248.00 as the affected body part repair charges. And we were settling down for something that female told us, her boy friend is a mechanic and can do the stuff and all. We called 911 (yes the emergency number was from my phone), did a Police complaint (first ever stint with Cops in US). He was asking me something and suddenly Jiaji replied, he shouted at him and asked him to keep quite, and ask me again the same question. Well I was upset and not afraid, upset because of the car, the new car would not be counted now in the Excellent condition but in good condition as per KBB .

Well am still waiting for the Police report to reach me, and proceed further with the repairing job.