Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Long time no see

It’s been long when I have written any blog, Vista was the one blog which I wrote recently.
Now being back on bench after 2-3 months of hard work (please don’t ask the definition of hard work) I’ll be writing more blogs, and reading them also.

My last work involved lot of research and development in the field of ELMAH, which is actually a plug-in from GotDotNet. Will write a new blog for that, explaining all about it.

I have been doing lot of orkut in last few weeks, don’t know how but u tend to take time out for those message and crazy scraps. I found almost 15+ long lost school mates. And then there are some crazy people also who try to add you in there list for any reason. Orkut gives you communities also where in people with similar interest can join and share there views.

Well if I remember I might blog for my trip tp Pondicherry, Tirupati and Shravanabelagola too.

MS Vista

Manu was gone.
I was alone.
It was very dark outside.

I was sitting and watching my pc staring me back. Have been trying to install Vista Beta 2 on my desktop for long, which I downloaded spending almost 3 days, yes 72 hrs (24hrs * 3 Days) and not 24 hrs (8hrs * 3 Days). Have been trying to upgrade but something or the other keeps coming in.

Then finally decided for clean install.
Not enough disk space.
Spent around 2 hours in making space, and then finally started installing. It took me almost 3 hours to completely setup the computer with Internet working, but every now and then there was this feeling some where erupting inside, what if it fails to install, what if the downloaded file is corrupted, from where will I get bootable CD, and all those cowardly ideas. After, 3 hours my mean machine was ready to roar. It was up and running. With all that beautiful landscaping on the desktop, it was a 3D imaging, all shimmering black. Only if you know all those shortcuts which you have been using in older OS's, other wise it takes lot of time in going through all those new applications, new naming, and new place for folders. My Documents has been relocated under Users/ folder and all those in documents and settings has been moved under Users folder.

Then came the Office 2007 Beta 2. This was equally dominating. Microsoft has tried lot to come out of that old look, and is a complete winner. Vista is not similar to any of the old OS’s. If anybody has not worked on XP or older then going down from vista to older OS would be like going from Windows 95 to windows 3.1.

All in all Microsoft has done a lot to come out of that old blue green colored image. A small tip - press windows key + Shift + tab, you will see 3-D view of all application running.

For those who want to have a feel without installing it, can have a look over Yahoo widgets.
Any comments any additions are welcome.