Wednesday, April 22, 2009

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Monday, April 20, 2009

new blog

Just wanted to let you guys know that, Kaavya, has started blogging @

Saturday, April 18, 2009

the process

Yeah, its a long awaited...but will cut it short...
I will try to present in a timeline manner.
6.30a - reached hospital.

7.00a - started with Pitocin, to induce labor.

8.00a - labor pains started kicking in.
12.00noon - pains were unbearable, hence epidural started.

5.30p - pushing started.
8.30p - no progress.
9.00p - doc gave 30 mins grace period to change the position of the baby, else c-sec.
9.30p - M was in the OT. I went with her.

9.41p - Pari(an angel) arrived in this world - "Hello, World". ;-)
9.45p - 10.15p - she was in my hand, i was looking at her and she was looking at me, yes for good 30 minutes. I dint even take my eyes off her even for a sec.
10.30p - M was out and back in the room. happy family re-union.

After seeing M for and thanking her for the best gift in my life from her to me, (Can not ask for anything more!!) started calling all my cousins. That was the best night in my life. i slept quite late that day thinking about her.
Sent the mail to all form the hospital network...not sure what happened, but most of the mails were bounced.

I am not really sure, how life is going to take turns now, but for now, i am on 7th heaven. And don't ask me to get down...

Thursday, April 16, 2009

found my new love..

Hi All,
I just want to let you all know that i have just found my new love...
She is adorable, being just 21 inches in height and 8 .2 pounds in weight, she is one winner of all the hearts. She has long hair like her mom, and nose like her dad...please welcome Kavya Moondhra to our family.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

story so far...

Right now, it's, 5p, and we are still at home.

Yeah, we were about to go to the hospital in the morning. And then guys from hospital called up saying, we need to wait.
Okay, we'll wait, but for how long, dunno.
As we were all set and ready by 8a. We thought, of going out. We took mom to a nursery, where she was very happy. She just loved the place. After Nursery, we went to the mall. Mom, never went to the Macy's. That was the biggest shopping store, she went. She was too excited.
And we thought we would be the only people in the store, of course, who would be there at 10a in the morning. But to my amusement, there were lot of people in there. Wow, people have time :).
After much roaming around, I was as usual tired ( i generally get tired too quickly in the malls ;-))
It was 12noon. I asked M to call the hospital, and ask the status. More then us Mom was tensed and anxious. Nurse in the h'tal said, Doc would call us by 3p, Ok. so were again in the waiting mode.
Doc called us at 3p, saying, she is very busy with other emergency patients. So she would call back by 5p and let us know the status.
After her call, we all went to bed, had good 1.5 hr sleep. Woke up, had tea. Now watching movie, and waiting for the phone call...

so all the best to all of us...

Saturday, April 11, 2009

you are still pregnant...

So it was not a different visit to the doc...
She entered the room and said, you are still pregnant...
Well, M is just more tired these days, but nothing is happening, on the pain front...
She is just fine, and cool as cucumber. So before the checkup, doc said if nothing happens till Tuesday, 14th April, then, that would be the day, when she is going to induce her. She even did the booking at the hospital. So we just have to arrive at the hospital @ 7.30a and rest would be taken care of.

So now waiting for Tuesday :). Because i am sure, M wont let me down ;-).

Thursday, April 09, 2009

1 day to go...

What fun...280 days passed many many many many parties...

Ask M...

Sunday, April 05, 2009

dance baby dance...

M was on 7th heaven. Her mom is here. So she was too happy about it. Who would not be?
In fact i had to click some of her pics to prove that. Find them below.




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It was M, who said, baby is not coming out, 'coz the baby needs the crib mobile and the nursery.
She is already 3 cms dilated, and in fact even the Doc was amazed, you are still here? We are so scared in the nights.
Would we be able to sleep through the night?
Would she start calling us in the night?
Would we have to run to the hospital in the night?
Well, whatever, if we have to wake up, we have to, and if we have to run, we have to. Do, we have a option?

So M, said she is not giving birth, unless the nursery for the baby is ready and also there is a crib mobile.
For those who don't know, what is a crib mobile, its a small toy, which hangs above the baby's face, and moves making sounds and throws some light, so the baby is distracted.

So we spent one whole evening looking for the that small toy, and then another evening for the nursery. But when the crib mobile was setup, there were no battery, so the baby was still hanging in there. So i ran y'day to get the batteries for the toy. And now everything was set.
So we were now more scared,it could happen anytime.

It was a friends b'day party y'day and we were in the car, just took the exit. And M said, Saurabh i am in pain. Gotta go to the loo immediately. So i rushed to the friends place. I know it could be the start of Braxton Hicks, still i had to make her comfortable.
We went to the friends place. M went to the loo, and then when she came out, she was all right. And felt like nothing happened. So it was another day with practice.