Tuesday, November 11, 2008

preparing for doctor's visit

So, as I said there would be some posts on the Doc's visit, on and off.
The doc's visit is nothing much beyond the usual checkup, and listening of the baby's heart beat. Unless you have some questions, doctor is not going to stay more than 10 minutes.
For the past 3 visits, we have been doing much the same. At the last moment, I try to gather some questions and elongate the visit to 15 minutes. People here are more dependent upon books, provided by the doctor in the initial visit, or may be brought from the local bookshop. Doctors are not going to tell you anything, unless you ask them explicitly. Not sure what the reason is, even, the tests, prenatal, postnatal take care, check the pregnancy book. We have advantage of my doc sis; unfortunately she is psychiatrist, and another advantage being her mil. Somehow, i always feel experience counts. Whatever, happens, we call my sis, or her mil, and voila problem solved.
I experienced the same gap, while I was with my friend a week ago, when he was alone by her wife, supporting her in the delivery. After seeing them, I came home and called my sister, I don't care, wherever, and whenever it happens, you have to be here with M, by her side. We are also planning to call M's mom, so that she is also comfortable. Every daughter is most comfortable with her mom only, whatever anybody says.
So, as this is evident, that this post is neither about doctor’s story nor about their visit. Well, the next visit is scheduled to be held on Nov 21, so stay tuned till then...
till then i am looking for more questions to be asked from a doc... Suggestions anybody...

Monday, November 10, 2008

Fwd: my dilemma..

s wrote
people who fight over God, are just a different being, they just need a reason to fight...
people who want to get some kind of unspoken support - pray :)
u gotto pick ...ur type...

t wrote
and then everyone fights over God! How ironical!! Thanks though:) I dont know what I am going to stand up for. Probably dont have the courage to admit or weak to hold on to prayers & so keep vacillating..

s wrote
You are absolutely right T. There is no such thing called God. It is a man made selfish tool to help ourselves. We feel so much relieved when we think about him. We feel happy, when we pray and the same thing becomes true, and sad at the same time when we want and don't get it. It just that what we are destined to, we will get that. But praying helps us, so that's what we do.

t wrote
Hey guys,
I am troubling you a bit. But I am unable to find an ans. I am becoming skeptical about God. Does he really exist? We all believe in god but nobody really has seen the existence of God.. Isnt it like we are just using the thought of him.. blaming him when things go stale or being thankful for the things when they go right. Is it only so that we won't be able to lose our self-esteem or get our ego boost up?

You don't know what you've got till it's gone... cherish every moment!

time to say good bye

Don't take wrong again, its not me, but many others, who are deemed jobless, forced to leave or were asked to leave.
It was all in news in my office too, where many more like me survived 12.5% layoff. Not sure how many more to go, but I am good as far as I am not loosing one. People are talking in open and covered, about the manager who just left or is leaving in couple of days.
Many people saying keep us, we will take a salary cut, many saying, I am better off, finding another job with more salary. Well there is always requirement of good people. But its just the matter of luck. Sometimes, many deserving candidates sit at home for many months, and some non deserving candidates, manage to stay in layoff.
Something similar happened to one of my close friends, his lead had a attitude problem, was very arrogant and rude and was giving hard time to my fren, real pain in butt....and he was chopped off. Not due to his behavior, but he was just too costly to maintain...moreover it was heard while he was talking to his friends, [company name] can not afford me anymore....in Hindi its said rassi jal gayi lekin bal nahi gaya.
That said, I would say its the time to work and not play, you never know if somebody is watching you, and you could be the next in line :)

Friday, November 07, 2008

I am a dad...

No No, don't land up on any conclusions so soon....i am still to get that role....
Last night, my close friend had a baby boy.

R started having contractions at around 10.30 pm on Nov 5th. The frequency was less at that time. Then gradually at around 1.30am the frequency increased, the contraction lasts for around less then a minute, and then the next one happens with the interval of almost 10-15 mins.

It is always advised that you should eat/drink only warm or hot stuff. So in the morning R asked R, lets get ready for the h'pital. R took a bath, and it was great relief for her, and then over that she drank warm milk. After having all that, she asked R, what would you like to have for breakfast. Imagine for a lady who was not able to have slept for the full night and in the morning she was asking her husband what would he have for breakfast. R wondered, is it real pain or false pain aka Braxton-Hicks. Well, R had 2 quick contractions before starting their journey of 45mins to hospital. These 45 minutes were contraction free, so the husband R was really convinced this is false labor.
Doctor had called upon them in the morning to ask how R is doing, and when she came to know about her state, she asked them to come over. So, when they reached the hospital, doctor was there waiting for them. After few pre tests, she was given epidural. After which it was pretty confortable for R. She even had a few short naps in between.

I went to see them, in the evening, and her room was full of equipments and several monitors, and some drips were going in hand , and couple of them in spine. It was pretty nerve-racking. Atleast for me. Kudos for the husband R, for standing by her all the times. Well, he dint have any options too. When i was done with all the spying in the room, I threw myself out. I was done with that room.

I went home and held M for 10 minutes, and asked her if she really wants to have a baby. Well, she shrugged me away, pretending to be brave. I dont deny that actually. She is. We went again to give food for both the R's. M had few questions, and then we were again thrown out of the room as it was time for R to push, Akul out. Yes, they finally kept the name of the baby as Akul, as they were deciding upon Parth and Akul, which was juggling upon the date of birth.

At 10.30p R called up, saying baby and the Mom is healthy. It happened at 9.30p. We again rushed to the hospital, comfort of staying near the hospital. We were with the baby for an hour, when the nurse took him for his nap.

The first look, baby was so small, I was even scared of holding him. His one eye was closed. And the best thing, he was quite. R said, she just fed him.

I remember, till y'day the dad R was playing pool with me, now he would have to take care of some diapers.
Till y'day he was a horse rider, today he will be a horse and his son would be a rider :D

Well, I cant be happy for long time, as I am about to expect all the same situation, but I have still 6 months to do. Make hay while sun shines.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Pics with diff angles...

These photographs are in the process of my attempts of good photography. I keep on trying new angles and colors and lights. I must agree and tell you that the last pics of the Diyas in different angles have come up pretty good.

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