Tuesday, October 29, 2013


M always wanted another baby, and I was overwhelmed with just one. She was always in the favor of two kids, as they take care if each other and don't need another person for a friend.

I was in the opinion that we could concentrate on one child better then two. The amount if "tan", "man" and "dhan" we can spend on one child, it would have to be split. :). My theory.

But who has won with wives in an argument. Me neither.

So that's how the planning of another child started.  The plan was laid out and had the start date of January 2013. But due to unavoidable circumstances it was delayed by 6 months.

So one fine Sunday morning Manu woke me up and broke the news "I am pregnant" !

I was half asleep and half awake almost gave no reaction and went to sleep, suddenly I realized there was one set of eyes, waiting for my reaction. I went again on the statement. "I am pregnant"!!!

What, really, seriously, are you sure?

I was unable to decide on my feelings. I was happy because we are having a baby again? Or I was happy because I would not be bogged down ever again about the baby talks? But what i was more concerned was that M had to go all over it again. 

First time was new for us, it was an experience. Both of us did not knew how to react and what precautions to follow. It was didi, who helped us at every step. What to do now, how to handle this, what to expect now? 

This time, its different, we(she) knew what to eat and what not. How to handle the situation. How to walk and how to sit, and how to standup.

Still there were challenges this time for us- 
1. How to handle Kaavya.

It is more of a practice. How would we handle Kaavya? How she would handle baby? Right now she gets the undivided attention of two people. Pretty soon it will be gone. So in preparation to that we have been already setting her mind accordingly. She already wanted a baby. And if asked what she wants a baby brother or a baby sister, she wants baby sister. Any time you ask, it would be the same answer. We asked her why is that and there was no certain answer. Somewhere I also want a baby girl, because Kaavya is ready to play with her and she has her mind pre set.

So here we are at the same stage in life as we were 4.5 years ago. The good thing about this time is we have bought many baby stuff color neutral. So we don't have to worry about those things. Other things which we might want can be obtained hands down from friends.

One relief though, now I don't have to worry about any more children as we are a "compete family".