Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Paperclip @ work

I was browsing net and stumbled upon this pretty video. This is for those who are too lazy to hold there fone/camera in there hands while watching it. This is a hand made / home made tripod/ (camera / fone) holder. (Phew....too many slashes)

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Office trip to Ann Arbor, MI

So the end of a 5 day office trip to onsite location ended peacefully, without much happening. Office was good, staff is too less and needless to say, with the amount of clients, I must say, they are doing pretty well. I was daily picked up and dropped off by colleagues. Big thanks to them.
Few noticeable things, the place where I stayed, Extended Stay Hotel "Deluxe", was too good. Had a incident related to that, will share that too. Firstly, the area. I am not exaggerating, but there should be around 10 hotels in 1 mile radius. And around 25 restaurants in the same radius.
So it happened that this colleague dropped me off at a different ESH location as opposed to ESH "D". He was completely ignorant about it and so do I. M, who took a vacation with my business trip, already checked in the hotel. So I was pretty sure about the hotel room, and the hotel receptionist, was also pretty sure, that the same room does not exist here. Anyway, finally had to take a cab to reach to the right hotel.
Anyway, I must say, the transport system is too good. It’s well connected. It’s a nice and quite city. Lots of young kids in University of Michigan. And lots of consultants as well. There is this pathway along each and every road for the pedestrians and the bicycle riders. Only thing, I should say I dint like is the people of Ann Arbor. They are very rude. Starting from the hotel staff, to the bus driver to the bus passenger. Being from the East coast, I was expecting at least not to be rude, if not polite. Anyway, somebody rightly said, you can change the clothes of a body, but you cannot change the soul.
Another funny thing happened. We were walking on the streets, and we happened to ask this guy, the way to the grocery store, and this guy first went into minutes, talking about each and every grocery store in the vicinity and the time it would take to reach there, by walk. Then after a while he asked me who I am, and as soon as I said Computer Programmer, he said my computer has a key logger file. How do I remove that? I asked him to Google, and he offered me dinner, at his place. We dropped the idea, and somehow managed to move forward. Sometimes funny people meet you, unknowingly. And you never know what happens next.
After a stay of 5 days, and 4 nights in Ann Arbor, we drove to Chicago. We booked the car and the hotel a week in advance. So here we are Chicago.
PS:Pics would soon be added onto another post.