Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Wedding Preparations

I don't know how to describe this feeling, but am too excited (from inside)Image about my marriage on 11 December 2005. Am leaving for my hometown, Ajmer on 2nd December evening and will reach Delhi in 2.5 hrs of time. There Ruby Di would be waiting with Jiaji, Kunal and Kriti. They have come from US. Jiaji would be leaving for Kolkata on 3rd December evening. From Delhi we will start for Jaipur @ around 4 o'clock in the morning where Meenu Di would be waiting for all of us with Srishti and Shreya. Jiaji would be joining us later. She would be coming from Tanzania(Dar-Es-Salaam) to Mumbai and then from there to Jaipur. I would be calling a Sumo or Qualis from Ajmer. As the taxi would in anyway will charge 2-way fair. Am really looking forward for the travel from Jaipur to Ajmer. I would be with 2 sisters and 2 niece and 2 nephews. All fun.

On 3rd, its my Grand Ma(Naniji)'s Birthday, so there would be havan on that day @ home. We would be reaching @ around noon to Ajmer.

Seema Di is already in India. She came with Mummy after giving birth to Navya, my 3 month old niece. She was here immediately after Diwali, for the marriage preparations. She did lot of things...lot of shopping, small small things, cleaned house and also changed the rooms. She prepared my new room Image. As Jiaji came later she has now joined him and is in Udaipur, she woould be coming on 4th morning from Udaipur to Ajmer. We all 4 (me and sisters) would be uniting after 5 long years I guess only after Seema di's marriage.

On 8th December there would be a small get together for all those people who are in Ajmer and are not coming to the wedding.

On 8th all the three jiajis would be there and everybody else also. Lots of relatives...

On 9th evening we will depart from Ajmer to Saharanpur the finak journey alone Image

Am not sure till now what am i going to were on what occasion.

Baad ki kahani bad mein. There are couple of occasions there also, but i know all of them wud be having a lot of spice in that(samajhdar ko ishara kaafi hai) so those things will arrive later.

Wedding Invite

Wedding Invite

This is a formal invitation to those who know me.

With Gods grace am marrying the love of my life, with whom am acquainted from past 5 years, but actually started knowing from last 1.5 years precisely.

Please do grace the occasion with your presence.