Friday, June 26, 2015

when I saw you

I was walking towards the bank, when I saw you. You looked same and I was thinking in my mind that you haven't changed a bit. You look the same, as you used to 10 years ago. I was thinking what you would think about me. 
Hey, you are the same guy, who was in my class, and used to sit in the last bench, always looking at me. 
I thought, wow, you remember all that and I was scraping the sand underneath my shoes hearing that and smiling mildly thinking, you still remember all those things. 
I immediately replied, you also didn't change that much. The love of pink color, hasn't lost yet. You looked at the cover of your mobile phone and smiled.
We found a corner coffee house and sat there for hours, chatting and talking about each others lives. Catching up on the lost time.
Right then my phone started ringing, trin trin. It was alarm on my phone. Alarm was set at 6am. I thought how come the 6am alarm set off at 6pm. I looked hard at the railway station style wall clock in the cafe and realized, its time to hit the gym.