Wednesday, July 23, 2014

end of an era

It was mid of the day, I had my class 7th results in my hand and I was crying - bauji, I am sorry, I will not do it again, I will study harder, as I escape the beating from his walking stick, which I gave it to him.

Bauji to the world, for me a godfather. He is my paternal grandfather. A father of my family, my mom and sisters. Soon after my dad's gone, he came over to our house, took a decision and we moved from independent house to a multi family house with bauji. When everybody left our hands, he held them tighter.

Mom was super irritated with the fact that now we are in the smaller house, but she was not understanding the fact that we are not paying the rent anymore, he is already started saving us on monthly basis.

I was 10 years old and haven't even tasted the full benefits of having a father. He was standing there as a pillar.

All he wanted for all four of us was to study hard and get settled and stand on our feet, independently.

His first preference was always mom, and will be mom - always always always.

As he fondly calls us engineer aka maharana sanga, chief architect, doc sahib and teacherji, respectively. Those were the dream roles he already had in his mind.

He got my mom into a teacher's training school. Arranged for the scholarship for the tuition fees for our respective professional schools. Managed loans where scholarship was too low or unavailable.

He is not a god father, he is God send. He is much more then that. I have lived with him more then anybody of my cousins.

He slowly got the assets build up for my mom, like a smart financial planner setting up a plan for life, not just for few years but for the rest of the life. He is a genius.

All of us are indebted to him for life. If it was not him, then we would have been some where on the streets of Ajmer, begging, fighting for 2 meals of a day. He is the angel in our lives.

The most hard working man I would ever see.

The best recycle man, who knew how to use the envelope almost three times, before discarding it. His use of leyi (old native gum).

He taught all of us including mom to go to bank and do the basics of banking. He taught us fighting. He taught us how to manage in the least of the resources. Great Manager.

Those totaling of marks in the answer books in short summer nights. Those long walks to nearby Sabji Mandi on a cycle with him, negotiating with the vendors for 2 count of green chili and a bunch of cilantro. Negotiator.

His evening walk to Hanuman temple at madar gate on Tuesdays, and his carrying of fruits from there. Regular exercise.

His running around to various shops for a copy of bio data just to save few paise and get a cleaner copy, consistently. Perfectionist.

End of the day, all he needs is a green chutney and half piece of lemon in his food. With various vegetables spread on his steel thali with sections. ending with rasgulla.

I remember how he use to carry those small bottles of water with him all the time, as the doctor has asked him to limit the intake of water. His strict routine. Come what so ever, his daily schedule will not change.

Those meetings for every thing, as small as buying stocks in stock market to as big as marriage decisions.

Bauji, you are un-replaceable. You will leave a big void in our lives.

We will never remember you, because we will never be able to forget you.